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Pre-Workout and Hatred: A Training Log

Chicken thighs are an occasional add-in, I should have listed those above.

I’m in cali so everything is expensive, but I shop at the commissary on base so sometimes I’ll get lucky and pick up a steak for <7$ per lb. That’s usually my cutoff on splurge meals lol. Ground beef for me is like 4-5$ per lb at the commissary, but I don’t go through a ton (subjective). I do about 12oz chicken breast for lunch, 10-12 oz beef for dinner, both with 1/4 cup rice. And I stretch the rice by throwing in a shitload of mushrooms lol.

Still, this isn’t super expensive - I got lucky the service fucked me up I guess :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I realized that my breakfasts (when I wasn’t ‘dieting’) was fucking me up regularly. I love the traditional American breakfast… Eggs, Hash, Potatoes… it was legit like 900-1000 calories and just made me want to eat more all day long.
Current foods (in order of eating, mostly)
5am 2 string cheeses
9am 1cup protein yogurt with Love Crunch granola
11:30am 1/4 cup rice, 8oz mushrooms, 12oz chicken breast
2:45pm Uncrustable (pre training snack)
3:45-5:15pm training
5:30pm 25g Protein shake with creatine
6:30-7:30pm 10-12oz ground beef or chicken thighs, or both, with 1/4cup rice
9:00-10:00pm 25g Protein shake (if still hungry)

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1/10/22 - DoggCrapp A1
slept well, 8h 35m. Trying hard to stick on diet while staying home.

Training went well. I put too much weight on the bar for my Incline BB Bench warmup and ended up doing 5 reps at working weight (shoulder/pec felt a bit off) so I struggled with 225 for RP. Everything else went alright, need to increase weights for Nautilus Row and Overhand Lat Pulldown.

Feel like I could handle more volume but going to stick with program as planned for now. Weights will increase a good bit next go around with A1.


1/11/22 - Rest (planned)

1/12/22 - DoggCrapp B1
Slept okay, 8h 36m (interrupted sleep pattern). Cheated on diet yesterday and slammed 20 wings (homemade). Nutrition facts for wings are fucking shit - apparently 20g fat and 18g protein per 4oz? Idk, shit don’t make sense to me but I’ll log it anyways and cut carbs down to compensate.

20 rep squats made me feel like death, holy hell. Decent session, ready to increase weights in a couple exercises.


1/13/22 - Rest (planned)
I know I’m only 2 workouts into the DC programming, and I can certainly see where it would be great to build with.
I’ve weighed in 219, 220, 220lbs for the past 3 days, and I am still at a net deficit - I know I’m reading too much into this already, but I am a little worried that the reduced volume and training frequency is going to have a significant impact on my weight loss plan. Moreover, as intense as these training days are - I can still handle more training frequency than is prescribed. I have a few lifts that will increase in weight next go-round but I cannot fathom that +10-20 lbs on a couple lifts per training day will suddenly impact me so strongly that I cannot handle more volume.

I will stick with the program for the whole 2 week cycle and assess weight loss, but I believe I will need to stick with some form of 5-6x per week training to meet my weight loss goal. Given that I was already doing rest-pause (albeit slightly altered) progression, I don’t see the huge increase in intensity I was expecting.

As I said, I will stick with DC for the whole 2 week cycle and assess how I am doing with my weight loss goal - but my training anxiety/restlessness is causing some doubts in this type of program while intending to lose weight. Simply put - the Mifflin-St Jeor equation specifically states the activity multiplier is directly correlated to training frequency, which I have reduced… This will not help me with my current goal.


I eat steak everyday. Join me on the dark side as we fill our arteries and empty our wallets :smiling_imp:


I felt the same when I started DC but there are a couple of things just to check.

Firstly the warm up sets, when reading and looking at DC training there is more WU sets than I had previously been using. While I’m sure it does add to overall weekly volume it really helps prime the body for that all out set. I often found if I rushed my WU sets or didn’t do enough priming, then my main set wouldn’t be as intense.

Second thing is to say that DC shouldn’t be used on a calorie deficit according to the DC writings. I think the idea is to stimulate muscle growth and get rest as well. That’s what I read but never tried it myself in a deficit so don’t know anymore than the DC website.

Either way keep up the good work dude!

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I’ve been doing lean ground beef every day for a few weeks now. Occasionally I’ll throw in a steak, but only like 1x per week atm.

Gotta lean out!

I think if you buy a real steak, there’s no problem at all with weight loss hehe

Yeah I would tend to agree with that. Even if a muscle-building workout is not that expensive (like 300 calories tops) you still have to get there, move around, take weights… it still is work. 300 cals x 7 is better better than 300 cals x 2.

But then if you only do your 2 DCs workouts but walk 12 000 steps a day and have a few cardio sessions per week you’ll shed fat no problemo

My favourite to lose weight are a good Meadows program or customed Conjugate


I’ll look over both and get a feel for them, thanks for the recommendation!

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Also you could check out Athlete lean, Athlete strong on T Nation. A 4 week program for fat loss and performance. Did it thrice and I don’t think anyone ever disliked it

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Trudel had a thread about DC during contest prep (as in leaning out) and he basically just said to cut carbs and continue training as usual. When the energy deficit gets too strong, he says to turn it into a 4x per week split with same exercises, just over more days.

His diet info was pretty crude to say the least lol.

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1/14/22 - DoggCrapp A2
Slept okay, ~6hrs. Checked scale and I went down to 218.9 from 220.

Good workout, had to do bodyweight dips because my dip belt hasn’t shown up yet. Did WAY more weight on Nautilus shoulder press than I expected - will need to bump weight


1/15/22 - Rest (planned)
Yesterdays training session kicked my ass but fuck I want to go lift. Idk if I’m patient enough to stick to the true DC template long term. Still going to finish out the 2 week plan but I quite seriously might just bastardize it and run 4-5x per week along the lines of a periodized PPL with Rest-Pause progression style.

Learned a lot already and I’m not discounting any of it, I’m just not sure HIT is going to work with me and my impatient ass.