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Pre-Workout and Hatred: A Training Log

11/23/2021 - Push
-Slept well, about 5 hours.
-Nutrition doing well, target calorie intake is 2150 at ~1000 daily deficit.
-scale says 225.5 so it seems that I’m on track or exceeding weight loss goals at the moment

Tired of transcribing from one format to the next, and I’m finding errors between the two. Will be uploading SS from my Sheets document from here on out.

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11/24/2021 - legs
-will be hitting legs at home gym today, no hack squat so i will be substituting with on Smith squats.
-Only got like 4.5 hours of sleep so let’s see how this goes, at least I won’t be rushed doing squats

had to cut last set of Ham Curls short on 4th rep, hammies started feeling like shit. 365 for 5x5 squats was heavy but doable, will likely stick with this weight for another session or two and reassess. Could do more, but not worth the form sacrifice

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11/25/2021 - Pull
-slept about 7 hours
-today is Thanksgiving so it will be a garage gym session today
-struggling to recover a bit so making today a re-feed day.

was still sore from squats yesterday so I went easier on deadlifts at 4x8 for 315. Could have done more but I don’t regret going lighter. Went slow between exercises today because I was lifting with the wife. Still, was a good session either way. Only ate 340 calories over goal, so was still ~660 calories deficit

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11/26/2021 - Push
-Slept about 7.5 hours.
-Diet on track.
-re-feed was about 250 cal above target so still ~750 deficit

Had to substitute DB Incline press instead of BB. Made my shoulder feel like trash, but was otherwise a good workout. Will do tissue work to get shoulder back in the game by Monday.

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Week 3 Nutrition. I reduced calories from ~2700 per day to ~2100 per day (knowing i was going to go a bit over) in hopes for a 1k daily deficit. I managed to average 865cal deficit daily, though i can probably do better if i dont piss away my diet on THIS saturday too lol

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Week 4 starting photo:

Weight: 224.5 (.5lb loss from week prior at ~6k calories deficit. Suspect measurement)
Biceps: 17.75" (.25" gain from week prior somehow)
Waist at navel: 37.5" (.25" loss from week prior)
Thighs: 27.5" (same)

Mild increase in abdomen definition and Biceps vascularity, traps look smaller than last picture, but I worked push today and pull on previous pictures so potentially just no pump? May have also affected biceps measurement


I’d imagine measurements and photos for the purpose of tracking would be best done first thing with no pump or food. When I was checking in weekly with my coach I’d roll out of bed, pee, then head to the back porch for a photo (good lighting outside aka not flattering).
Doing them mid day and post workouts you’re susceptible to fluctuations from diet and pump and what not

Edit: regardless, would smash. 9/10

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I knew this was a risk, but i didnt have a full body mirror at the house and had already started taking photos at the gym for these purposes. Basically, once i started, i didnt want to introduce other variables such as different lighting, etc. I’m not putting too much weight into the biceps measurement, and the scale is… subjective… to say the least. Just making notes to try keeping my log as honest as possible.

Aint no love like homie love :heart:

Just food for thought but I didn’t use a mirror. I propped my phone o in the deck railing with the forward facing camera set to video, hit record and walked in front of it, stood there, then turned around then turned the camera off. I’d just pause the video and scroll through and screen shot the still frames and use those.


11/27/2021 - skipped, legs not recovered

11/28/2021 - skipped (planned)

11/29/2021 - Push
-slept decent night before ~5.5 hours.
-Feeling motivated, ready to slam some weights

had to skip over Incline bench because the teenagers had already started forming a line (sarcasm about the line). Planned to do Incline BB at home but school/home life kinda ducked that up for me. Otherwise was good session - need to figure something out about this Incline bench situation though.

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