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pre- work out nutrition

Ok i fully understand post work out nutrition, the guidelines of simple carbs+protien+antioxidants=muscle,
but now i hear so much info about pre-workout nutrition i am confused, so here is my pre-work out nutrition please analize and make corrections
currently i train at 3:00 pm so at 2:15 i have 2 thermogenic pills (eca stack) plus 1 cup of really strong green tea, 2500 mg of vitamin c, 400 iu of vitamin e, 250 mg seleinuim, and 220 mg of aleve.
then at 2:45 i have 22 grams whey protien mixed in 8 ounces of gatorade and 1 teaspoon of table salt and 1 multivitamin.
does this seem like a good pre work out stack, i learned a lot about pre work out nutrition from paul cribbs of AST, but i am interested in t-mags philosiphy
thank you bow wow
ps i use this when i am dieting and bulking to preserve muscle and keep cortisol(sp?), i never use strength training to burn fat


bowwow…it looks like you’re on the right track, buddy. I’m not too keen on the anti-oxidants and vitamins, but if you’ve read Cribb’s and JB’s articles on pre-workout nutrition, then you realize the importance of essential aminos and simple carbs PRE-training and POST-training. I would be inclined to use a hydrolyzed protein over whey–something along the lines of Surge (you’d get the simple carbs also), VP2 or straight Hydrolyzed protein with added aminos–and would probably look for some more carbs than the 8 oz. of Gatorade. The total amount of protein and carbs pretty much depends on your current bodyweight and training goals.

I always eat about an hour or two before i lift and then sip a protein carb drink during my workout and then have one when im done. Dont make it overly complicated. Eat a lot of protein. do the major lifts hard. Add some weird stuff lifting in there. Eat when its over. Its obviously not that simple but then again dont make it too complicated.

why do u take aleve?


I take about 10 grams of BCAA’s about an hour before and then I sip on one serving of Surge during my workout and have another serving after working out.

Don’t use gatorade it’s GI is shit.And doesn’t do the job.You’ll read that on AST’s website.I talked to Paul Cribb about it.

taking gatorade or any significant amount of carbs within an hour of training is just stupid.

dman…Timbo agrees that ingesting carbs–particularly simple carbs–15 to 45, and even up to 90, minutes prior to training will most likely cause trouble. But ingestion of a glucose and protein (preferably hydrolyzed or free-form aminos) within 5 minutes of training and/or during training is likely to improve performance and the training response.

give me the kind of carbs i should digest 5-15 minutes before training, thanks for your help

Bow wow wow yippe yo yippe yey! What kinda carbos? Well, I believe the original study used sucrose, but glucose (dextrose) is probably best, with a glucose/maltodextrin mix being good-to-go also. As I stated above, Surge works well for this approach (glucose/malto/protein/aminos) as does something along the lines of Creatine HSC/VP2 (dextrose/hydrolyzed protein/creatine). My suggestion, and the general consesus, is to start drinking this bad boy at the beginning of your workout (or 5 minutes before) and sip on it so it lasts about half or so of your workout. The concentration is also important and 24 oz of water should do the trick.

Vit E and Selenium are great to take but need to be taken with a meal, usually your largest. Vit E is fat-soluble and it must be taken with a meal to be absorbed. Selenium helps you asbsorb vit e so they should be taken together but vit c may interfere with the absorption of some forms of selenium. This is a problem with most multi vit.