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I haven’t really found all that much conclusive information about pre-workout meals, unlike Post-WO, for which there’s pretty unequivocal evidence that whey+creatine+high GI carbs is key.

Personally I usually do eat something about an hour and a half before, but nothing special. I don’t really have a problem with energy or focus.
Although I’ve found that eating something not too long ago is pretty important as going hungry sucks and there’s probably some catabolic effect.
But is there any benefit of any particular nutrient distribution and supplements before a workout?


Here’s a study comparing the timing of the drink. The postworkout drink works fine but it seems to be better when you take the post-workout drink BEFORE ! That’s probably why Berardi is not only advocating the postworkout drink but also the pre/during workout drink. You should absorbing nutrients when the blood flow to the muscles is the greatest (ie : during the workout) but also after.

[quote]Timing of amino acid-carbohydrate ingestion alters anabolic response of muscle to resistance exercise
Kevin D. Tipton1,2, Blake B. Rasmussen1,2, Sharon L. Miller1,2, Steven E. Wolf1, Sharla K. Owens-Stovall1, Bart E. Petrini1, and Robert R. Wolfe1,2

1 Department of Surgery, University of Texas Medical Branch, and 2 Metabolism Unit, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Galveston, Texas 77550

The present study was designed to determine whether consumption of an oral essential amino acid-carbohydrate supplement (EAC) before exercise results in a greater anabolic response than supplementation after resistance exercise. Six healthy human subjects participated in two trials in random order, PRE (EAC consumed immediately before exercise), and POST (EAC consumed immediately after exercise). A primed, continuous infusion of L-[ring-2H5]phenylalanine, femoral arteriovenous catheterization, and muscle biopsies from the vastus lateralis were used to determine phenylalanine concentrations, enrichments, and net uptake across the leg. Blood and muscle phenylalanine concentrations were increased by ~130% after drink consumption in both trials. Amino acid delivery to the leg was increased during exercise and remained elevated for the 2 h after exercise in both trials. Delivery of amino acids (amino acid concentration times blood flow) was significantly greater in PRE than in POST during the exercise bout and in the 1st h after exercise (P < 0.05). Total net phenylalanine uptake across the leg was greater (P = 0.0002) during PRE (209 ? 42 mg) than during POST (81 ? 19). Phenylalanine disappearance rate, an indicator of muscle protein synthesis from blood amino acids, increased after EAC consumption in both trials. These results indicate that the response of net muscle protein synthesis to consumption of an EAC solution immediately before resistance exercise is greater than that when the solution is consumed after exercise, primarily because of an increase in muscle protein synthesis as a result of increased delivery of amino acids to the leg.

Personally I do 50C, 25P PRE WO, with a serving of BCAAS, during WO I have 2 servings of BCAA’s than PWO 100C 50P 5grams of Creatine.