Pre W/O Supps

starting a bulking routine come jan 2nd. I’m looking for a pre workout supplement, or supplement combination. Right now I am thinking a combo of Spike + 2.5 grams of creatine. Any suggestions?

As far as science goes, preworkout nutrition is just as important as PWO nutrition. I generally save the Surge for PWO and take a 2 scoops of accelerade (1 before, 1 during) my workout. it’s cheaper than Surge, and the large amount of protein simply isn’t as important as raising insulin levels, IMO. add a little creatine in there and maybe some BCAAs if you’re really particular about it.

On a personal level, I wouldn’t recommend religiously taking Spike, save it for when you really need a pick me up; when you aren’t feeling 100% (though hopefully these situations are far and few between) or if you have a really hard workout coming up. I find if I stim before every workout for even just a few weeks in a row, its effects rapidly diminish (adrenal fatigue and what not). Maybe Power Drive if you want something to take on a daily basis?