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Pre vs. Post workout AA's

Let’s try this again. I tried to posat this yesterday, but it never showed up.

There was an interesting column by Dr. Jose Antonio in the most recent NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal that I thought I would share. The article summarizes the results of a study done to measure differences in protein anabolism when ingesting EAA’s pre or post workout. Two groups of test subject were given the same protein/carb mixture consisting of 6g of EAA’s, 35g of sucrose and 500ml of water. The researchers examined phenylalanine uptake as a marker of protein anabolism. Interestingly, uptake was 160% higher in the group who took it before their workout. What do the physiologists/chemists in the crowd have to say about this? Is phenylalanine uptake a good marker of protein anabolism?


The Tipton group that has done so much research on protein synthesis is very sound in its research. As a matter of fact, the research performed by this group is in large part responsible for our optimal nutrition during and post-training.

do the pre/post drink combo if you are bulking
if cutting take just the post workout drink