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Pre-TRT Labs Attached

I have all the signs of low T, however total T is good, SHBG is double the high range, thyroid test results seem odd.

41 m, 6’6 260 20% BF

Waiting for cortisol results to come back to schedule initial consult with Dr.

Any input appreciated!

Your Total T is good, but your Free T is terrible. Total T is bound to SHBG and yours is very high and when SHBG is high, it binds up a good portion of your Free T. Free T needs to be high normal or higher to feel good, I experience low T when Free T is at 15 pg/mL and don’t feel good until Free T is at the top of the range.

Most experts feel that these ranges go far too low, sure there are a select few who can get away with lower levels, 2% of the population is above these ranges. Your Free T3 is in hyperthyroidism territory.

Your pituitary isn’t the problem here, high SHBG is the problem and is produced inside the liver.

Medications and can cause high SHBG.

Daily for allergies

It’s unknown is these medications cause high SHBG, maybe the combination, but I would speak to your doctor who prescribes these medications. Sometimes high SHBG is genetic or from starvation diets in an attempt to lose weight.

The only way to combat high SHBG is large doses of testosterone once or twice weekly, excess androgens lowers SHBG and therefore you may need supraphysiological doses that a sick care doctor may be unable to allow.

You would then need to go private as androgen therapies are poorly understood inside mainstream medicine/insurance networks, TRT has existed in preventive medicine for decades, anti-aging and wellness.

Going out of pocket with Defy, so hoping they can get me back to normal

Perfect, I’m a Defy patient as well.

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small update, started TRT .35ML every 3.5 days or 140mg week, no ai, no hcg. have pinned twice, no changes to note or expected so far