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Pre TRT Lab Results

Pre TRT Labs

Total T : 301 264-916
Free T : 12.2 8.7-25.1
Prolactin : 9.6 4.0-15.2
E2 : 25.1 7.6-42.6
SHBG : 15.1 16.5-55.9

I would take this time to describe your build, weight, height including lifestyle so we may better recommend a course of action to regain your health. If obese one or a twice protocol weekly may be far from optimal. I recommend based off pre-TRT Total T and E2 levels a minimum 20-25mg EOD or 8-12mg ED protocol or estrogen will always be a problem.

Low SHBG is associated with insulin resistance and obesity, cause could also be low thyroid hormones. When you elevate testosterone I fully expect you to struggle with estrogen since estrogen is already healthy which will change once you double your T levels.

I’m thin, around 150lbs, and about 6’1". I’m paralyzed so I get moderate exercise with some heavy lifting with my upper body weekly. I’ve been doing 100mg once a week for several months, but haven’t felt any different. I’ll be getting more labs done soon to see if there have been any changes. When should I get my blood work done in relation to my weekly injection? I still have really low libido and some ED, but I’m not quite as exhausted as before.

What can be done about low SHBG?

SHBG isn’t something you can manipulate. The reason why you notice no difference injecting 100mg weekly is because lower SHBG, SHBG binds sex hormones, low SHBG men do better on frequent dosing, you’re probably secreting testosterone quickly into your urine and or metabolising it quickly.

Your protocol is to blame for feeling nothing, you need frequent injections, more the better. I barely felt anything injection 50mg every 3.5 days, my SHBG is higher than yours (22).

You need EOD or preferably daily shots, use 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

Would a different mode of TRT be more effective such as a patch or cream?

Cream, patches are the worst because it’s hard to keep them from falling off. Patches have to be the weakest form of TRT next to AndroGel.

You must really not like needles, injectable testosterone is the most effective form of TRT.

Not a needle problem. I just didn’t know the others weren’t very effective. Thanks for your help.