Pre-TRT Blood Concerns: Low Vitamin D, Low DHEA

Just curious, would low vitamin d and low dhea before trt cause low free testosterone and high shbg?

I had low vitamin D pre-TRT and stopped TRT and natural Total T is exactly where it before TRT after correcting the deficiency. High SHBG is do to your liver, has nothing to do with vitamin D.

High SHBG can be caused by genetics, diets choices and alcoholism which is not reversible.

Low testosterone can (and should) cause high SHBG.

Yeah it’s why I’m on trt bc of low free testosterone but thinking I could get the free testosterone up naturally

I don’t see the thread with your numbers. More details = more help.

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It will be next to impossible to increase Free T enough to matter with high SHBG which will only increase as you get older lowering Free T.

In some people correcting the vitamin d defieciency has lead to dramatic increase in total testosterone. But they are very few. There was one guy who reported that in reddit: Increase from 400s to 800s, but he also has incorporated other lifestyle changes.

This will work only if the things you change and correct are the things that has caused the low T. Low chance, but worth trying you know.

I have been supplementing 50,000 vitamin D for several weeks and is still below range, this was an original deficiency when I was diagnosed with low testosterone.

Throw in an iron and potassium deficiency and maybe…

So you are somehow resistant to VItamin-D?

When I was deficient I remember with only one month supplementation 60 000 UI per week I reached levels of 40-50 in the blood.

I take the 50,000 once weekly since beginning of May. I believe my paralyzed gut is to blame do to an iron deficiency unable to absorb vitamin D. The gut is getting better though.

My iron is getting elevated easily, already suffered iron overload twice.

you said not”reversible”, but i mean if someone diets too hard, stops and then gain weight maybe that decreases shbg?

Usually when the liver is scared from repairing itself, SHBG will increase. You will still see fluctuations and many attribute this to actually lowering SHBG, but in fact it’s just a fluctuation.

I mean does low dhea really matter on trt if your using hcg?

He’s talking about actual liver damage from something like chronic alcoholism. Your SHBG fluctuates in response to test levels, your body likes to wharehouse T with SHBG when you are low. Dieting can cause a temporary drop in t levels.

Liver is great. Blood numbers prove that. Also does dhea matter on trt and hcg?

so lets say i up my test levels. will my high shbg somehow go down?

Yes, over time. You won’t see anything dramatic initially.