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Pre-Training Session Nutrition

Hey all, today I had a crap training session. On my AMRAP I only got 5 instead of 12. I linked this to my lack of eating before training. I wanted to know what you guys eat before your training sessions.

On a perfect day I’ve had a full dinner 2-3 hours before, followed by a PB&J sandwich, some gatorade mixed with creatine, and a caffeine pill about a half hour before I leave my apartment. It rarely works out perfectly so in a pinch its whatever I can grab + gatorade or water. I sweat a ton so pre-training hydration is big (especially now that its summer).

Thanks man do you think that drinking a monster would be helpful?

No, I wouldn’t drink anything carbonated before training

So pre workout instead?

Give this article a read: https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/post-workout-nutrition-is-dead

Plazma all day, every day.

You linked wrong

Overall nutrition is way more important, then pre.

Typically my pre workout meal will be a half cup of oats with 2 scoops whey isolate. Digest nicely and sits very well if eaten about an hour before training. If I am cutting I will do 2 scoops whey isolate but with a tbl spoon or two of olive oil.

No pre-workout for me, just the caffeine pill. I’ve used pre-workout in the past but I built up a tolerance very quickly and the lower-back pumps were counterproductive to every squat or deadlift session.

Of course overall nutrition is important. But this was a question about pre-training nutrition as it directly relates to crappy workouts.

Can he have oats and a shake an hour or two before? Sure. Just posting what I do.

Answering the OP also, not sure why you think it was you.

He is heading towards the NO route and that is a bad road.

I know the question is pre, but most people miss the obvious.