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Pre-training nutrition?

Usually i’ll scarf down half a bagel (sometimes whole) and a protein drink (24 grams)about 45 min to an hour before i train. this is after i’ve already consumed three “meals” for the day…i usually train at 3-3:30. i haven’t heard too much on what to eat before a work-out though…and what i’m eating right now seems to provide me with the energy i need but i’m wondering if i’m missing out on a better pre-workout meal. any ideas?

Are you training for size or fat loss? Eating too many carbs before a workout, especially white bagels, will spike insulin and stop fat loss. If you are training for size, then go for the energy boost of the carbs. But whole grain is better. Your preworkout meal should be no less than an hour prior because you want the blood in your muscles and not in your stomach. And avoid high fat content that slows digestion. In short: If your on a fat loss kick take an ephedrine/caffeine/asprin stack in place of the bagel. If you do not like stimulants, Biotest’s Impact Orange Power Drive is highly recommended. If your going for size take in the “whole grain” bagel with the protein.

Protein/fat meals ala Berardi work well. For most people, lots of carbs ~1 hr preworkout will cause a blood sugar crash. Read Poliquin’s article “Preparing for the Ultimate Workout.”

I agree with Cream. The article by Poliquin is a favorite of mine. I’ve also started drinking half of my Surge during the workout. Try these two things and I think you will have some positive affects.

What John Berardi recommends is a protein/fat meal about an hour and a half before the workout. Then during the workout or right before, drink a half serving of Surge, which is basically a very high GI carb with protein. So, if you cannot afford Surge, you should probably drink the protein an hour and a half prior to your workout, then eat the bagel right before walking in the gym…unless you want to nibble on that bagel throughout your workout :wink: