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Pre-Sleep Protein


Greeting members of T-Nation
Anyone got some useful info or recommendations on a great night protein? I'm going to buy some Saturday and would like some insight.........


I like Metabolic Drive.

But if you're going shopping, pick up some cottage cheese.


Already hitting that 1/2 a cup pre-BT.


All those casein based ones are probably best (micellar that is, not caseinates). So Metabolic Drive or equiv (but Metabolic
Drive in my small experience tastes the best). Otherwise as above cottage cheese but personally I don't like it - I tend to just have a scoop or so of Metabolic Drive.


Cottage cheese and natty pb with splenda and cinnamon, was my pre bed meal for almost a year, but unfortunately, i think i've become lactose intolerant...which means no more cottage cheese:(

Now i eat 6-8oz of top round steak and 2 cups of lactose free milk.


anything that digests slower, but nothing beats Metabolic Drive in taste :wink: imo..


I'm confused...does not a casien protien before bed cancel out the pre-bed dose of ZMA?.....


Not if you take your ZMA 15-45 mins before your casein protein meal.


Metabolic Drive

I've also heard Micellar Matrix is a great product. Or ON's Pro-Complex would be the most convenient to find...though I don't know if it actually contains micellar protein.


Ideally I go for

-1 Scoop protein
-200g Canned pumpkin
-few spoons cottage cheese (low fat)
-2 tbsp's peanut butter

The pumpkin and peanut butter further slows digestions and it tastes amazing!


That sounds amazing! I'm def going to try that. I usually have a 20% / 80% whey/casein blend and a handful of almonds or other nuts.


I like Muscle Milk or Syntha 6/Lean Dessert, depending on the day.


Not if you wait half and hour for the uptake of ZMA before you chug casein.


I do take ZMA and my favorite brand is of course Biotest but is Metabolic Drive the lowest containing carb product out there? I don't eat steak or a tone of other stuff, i want to stay the leanest possible.............


That's the way I do it as well.

Apart from that, it is debatable how significant the impact of the calcium from the cottage cheese really is. As ZMA is a supplement specially designed to optimize uptake and it isn't that cheap (a month worth costs around 25 Euros in Austria), I'd play it safe and leave some time in between, though.


I usually have the following:

1 cup of cottage cheese
1 spoon full of natural peanut butter
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
pine nuts or pistachios


Thats alot of calories before bed time!! Must be hard to stay lean and to see your abs?


HA! What if that's not your goal?


ON also sells a product called '100% Casein', this is my bedtime staple when I can find it(Vitamin Shoppe and GNC sometimes run out).


Yeah i heard of that this afternoon actually, at Popeyes they got some and I'm probably going to take that one!!