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Pre-Sleep Meal/Shake?


What's best to eat/drink before bed for the night?


I think I read somewhere that you want something high in protein that digests slowly, ideally dairy based, cottage cheese works well for me, anyway. Put some protein powder on it and add some nuts or berries.


Funny, that's what I've been doing. Atleast, the cottage cheese.


NOTHING. You will sleep better if your digestive system is not churning away trying to digest something.


Perhaps, but the assumption was for optimal growth not optimal sleep patterns, and for that a slow digesting protein is the way to go.


does anyone know the exact cassein percentage of Metabolic Drive? im wondering if itd be better than cottage cheese before bed? its especially appealing to me because of the low carbs.


I was wondering that myself. I've been using Syntha-6 (by BSN / Finish First ???) which claims to be "an ultra-premium sustained release protein powder", but I was hoping someone could let me know if this is a good choice or if there are any better alternatives.




Throw a chunk of cottage cheese into the blender, top it off with peanut butter. Blend. Eat. Sleep. Done.