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Pre-Season Soccer Conditioning


For any conditioning coaches who have soccer playes planning both the sport-specific conditioning and strength and conditioning of soccer players, I'd like to hear how you're structuring and what you're doing.

I'm looking at starting 12 weeks before our first scrimmage and looking for new ideas.


Scrimmage in soccer? I'd suggest some learning of the rules too mate :wink:

Some good resources available here:-



Google is your friend - try searching through some of the premiership football team websites too. You might find something.


By scrimmage he meant a pre season, warm-up match that doesn't count for anything. Just a way for players to get a match in before the season starts, and coaches to see how players behave in a game situation as opposed to at training. May be a specifically American use of the word. He certainly isn't referring to scrummaging or the American football "line of scrimmage."


Learn the rules? I'm not sure if I'm catching the jist of what you're saying. I'm not sure if it's called differently outside teh US, but in January for HS soccer, we have 3 scrimmage matches against other schools (not put on our record). And then the official season starts in Feburary for matches.

I've seen those two sites. I'm just seeing what T-Nation readers do if they have soccer players they train. I have my own setup but I'm always looking for new ideas.


Yup. I didn't catch your post before I posted, or we were posting at the same time.


Ahhhhhh much clearer.

Here in the UK their known as 'friendlies'

Neither make sense imo. lol


we used to call em friendlies when i played...makes sense to me...its a "friendly" match


to the OP, before this gets off on a total threadjack about scrimmages and friendlies, I meant to ask before, what level do you play at? What position? And what are your biggest strengths/weaknesses? Also, what's your plan for the 12 weeks, give us something to look at and critique/ build on.