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Pre & Post Workout Without Supplements

…if there were no Biotest, no Surge or Grow!, or no Whey protien at all…

What would you consume before and after a workout???


If that wasnt allowed water and white sugar

I would eat some fruit, then 10 min later I’d down 8 eggs.

tuna and some high gi fruit

[quote]cpcloud wrote:
tuna and some high gi fruit[/quote]

Washed down with some chocolate milk, yeah.

I forgot chocolate milk!

egg whites n fruit


2c skim milk + 1c chocolate milk + banana

Cool, that’s sorta what I was thinking, but chocolate milk? Why?

It was suggested as a good replacement by Berardi - I’m using this at the moment while my custom PWO is being made for me and it’s OK.

It has the carbs and has the protein (600ml of mine has 7g fat, 26g protein and over 50g carbs).

Just don’t expect to feel the same effects as you do on something like Surge, it doesn’t hold a candle to it.