Pre/post Workout Nutrition

As of late i have been having the following shake. 30 mins prior to my workout and than straight after.

35g whey protein hydrosolate
35g maltodextrin
35g dextrose
10g BCAA
10g Creatine

I was wondering if this was to much… maybe in the shake b4 hand i should cut everything in half?


that sounds like a pretty solid but nasty shake. if you want you could cut the preworkout in half and sip on the other half during your workout.

That is just fine.

Jesus, how many times is this question going to be asked?

If anything, that looks like a spin off Surge. I’m guessing you prepare all this stuff yourself?
There have been studies specifically focusing on drinks like this both pre-and post-workout:

yeah its definately nasty, i just chug it down and chase it with a little orange juice. Surge was my inspiration :), Im from aus so Surge is quite pricey and i just finished school so i dont have alot of money… i purchased the ingredients from 100% pure. its well worth a look for the Aussies out there.

thanks for the input guys

I’d say the same as Dolce said; 1/2 before, 1/2 during. Or 1/2 during and 1/2 after.

That’s how I rock Surge; LOVE it.