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Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

I have a few questions as I have a changing rountine and some very not so satisfying times. What should pre-workout meal look like? and what if i only have say 30mins before my practice (wrestling) Secondly there are 2 times,

a) Saturday mornings when I wrestle for about an hour (usually fasted) then workout for an hour and hit a PWO drink of dextrose and whey protein, is this ok?

b) Thursday nights I eat at about 5ish to get some food in me. I go to practice for 6:30, get home at about 8:30 and i drink my shake. Now seeing as its late and im going to bed at about 10:30, should I still be eating a large meal 1hour later or what?


I would address this, but it’s been handled–exhaustively–elsewhere.

Check out Vroom’s “Are you a beginner II” thread in the Beginner section. There are links and help aplenty.

If you still have questions, post on the beginner board.

Dan “exhaustive” McVicker