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Pre/Post workout drink

Hey guys lots of great info here, so I wanted to get your opinions. This is my first question on the board, and sorry if this has been gone over before. As a PreWorkout drink, I mix 4oz water, with 4 oz Gatorade, and (about)3/4 scoop IsoPure Zero Carb Whey Isolate(Ion Exchange), I’d say about 15 grams of protein. For PostWorkout, I mix 8-10oz Gatorade with about 1 1/2 scooop(Isopure) for about 35 grams protein. I get Isopure at a pretty good price, and was considering getting “Surge”, but it seems rather pricy. Otherwise, I eat pretty good, and besides a multi-vitamin, this is the only supps I am taking. I am seriously considering Omega-3’s, though. Whats all your opinions, is this good enough, or do you think I should consider “Surge”. Thanks for replying, I will check back in later.

Ok man you are probably not going to get many replies about this stuff as it has been discussed to death and there are about 100 articles on this stuff in the previous issues section. My advice would be to go back and read all the previous issuesand search on the forum for the stuff you want to know. After this then, if you still have questions post them on the forum. Most people will not reply or help you if you have not done any leg work yourself. we have all spent countless hours researching and reading to get the knowledge we have and it is an insult to us when someone doesn;t do the research and expects us to help. I don;t want to discorage you from posting on the forum, I just want to emphasize the importance of the search functions and doing your own research first. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it is reality. Read everything by berardi and you will have your answers. Type in Post workout nutrition in the search engine and you will have your answer. Hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you after you have done a little research.

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G_T, 1st of all, thank youn for replying. I have read EVERY article on T-nation regarding this topic(and this forum), I was just asking for opinions regarding how you guys feel about the specific differences in protein(Isolate vs. Hydrosolate) and the carbs(Sucrose,gucose,fructose in Gatorade vs. the Maltodextrin,glocose in Surge). Also, if the BCAA’s add a noticable recovery efect over not having them. I do realize this topic has been discussed adnausiem. Once again, thanks for your responce.

Articulately stated. And classy, too!

Tampa are you being sarcastic?? I really can’t tell. I am a bit dazed right now. If you were I was not trying to be a dick about this. If not then thanks…

Stuu(sorry can;t remember spelling) A lot of time people come on here and say they have read every article and searched for their responses on the forum but it is hard to believe. I am not saying you haven;t done this but I guarantee if you had you would have found the answer from the experts.
However this being said I will do my best to help you because I was a newbie on the forum at one time too.

Read “The protein Insider” by Berardi(I think) it should answer your questions on difference between Hydrolized and Isolate.
Also Read “the carb roundtable” it should answer youe questions about glucose,fructose etc and your not going to find a more respected opinion on nutrition, than Berardi’s.
About the other question I have never tried surge, a little pricey for my current situation as an unemployed student, but everyone who has tried it has expressed how great it is. My advice. Give it a try. What do you have to lose with biotests money back guarantee(only if you buy from the website)

If you are taking in adequate protein inyour post workout drink and throughout the rest of the day I don;t think BCAA’s are that necessary(UNless your training is very intesnse ie 2X day on mass phase or something like that) That being said I think Your protein intake post workout is far too low assuming you don;t weigh 35 pounds. Berardi recommends .4 g per pound of BW of protein and .8 g per pound of bW for carbs in your post workout drink.

Regarding Omega 3’s I can’t stress how important they are. Again Berardis recommendations are at least between 3-6 grams a day. and that is of EPA/DHA. That is the important thing to check for when buying salmon oil caps or liquid.
One thing bugged me about your first post “otherwise I eat pretty good” How do you know you eat pretty good?? Do you keep a food log?? If you don;t it is a very very good idea. There is an article in previous issues on keeping one. Just search for food log on the main page search engine.
Anymore questions let me know but please for your own sake read the articles I have told you about.

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Grooveless, no!!! I was not being sarcastic. You’d be hard pressed to find one sarcastic post from me on the whole forum. Not my style.

I’ve just seen my fair share of nasty, “go look it up you lazy (expletive deleted).” I really thought you were very nice about things. I try to do the same thing many time, encourage people to use the search engine, but without embarrassing them. It really IS an incredible resource, and I can’t tell you how long I was online here at T-Mag before I realized that the search engines for the article archive were different than the search engine for the forum.

Grooveless, you’re a contributor, a person who shares what they know. I stand by what I said. For the information you had, it was a classy response. And please, consider me a fan of yours. I have been for some time now.

First off, grooveless, man, you’ve got to change your name. It just doesn’t fit. I mean, c’mon, you’re FULL of groove. You know, groovy, baby. So, at least for now, I’ll call you grooveFULL. Good help so far.

Stu-wey…4 oz. of Gatorade is probably only what, like 6 or 8g of carbs? That’s really an insignificant amount. I would up the ante on the carbs on both the pre/during and post-workout shakes. However, you haven’t stated your goals (i.e. cutting or gaining), so the absolute amount I cannot state. Generally, I’d say that JB’s recommendations for protein and carbs would suffice, and you could split that in two: one before/during and one after.

If you’re comparing your concoction to Surge–or a homebrew with similar ingredients–then I’m fairly certain that you’d notice a difference. Now, what you’re doing is far better than nothing. Another thing that might be important to consider is your training age.

As far as the Omega-3s go, there is no consideration, hop on it and go get you some! They’re Quality, my friend, and an excellent addition to your overall health and fitness goals. You can even start by eating salmon on a daily basis, and then increase intake through supplementation.

Good luck, Stu-wey, and if you’ve got anymore Q’s, just post 'em.

I think Tampa Terry was giving you a compliment and not being sarcastic. For, the length of time that I’ve been on here she’s never been sarcastic.

Tampa, thank you for your wonderful compliments. It really means alot to me. I was having kind of a shitty day and this was just the pick me up I needed. I have also been a fan of yours since joing the forum. Your always helpful and give good info. I think the reason I might have thought it was sarcasm was partly because I have been attacked on the forum beofore(but who hasn;t?) and partly because I was having a bad day.
Now I have a confession to make which will either make you laugh or think I am an idiot. I have always thought you were male, because of the name Terry, although throughout my life I have known like six female Terrys it just didn;t click in until fitone said “I think she was giving you a compliment” Anyways male or female your full of helpful advice and I respect ya.

:slight_smile: Groove

I got caught up w/ other threads that put you as a female. I don’t know if you are male or female either. Inquring minds wants to know weather your a male or female. Not that it matters. Just, that I would want to address you the proper way. I to at first thought you were a male. I only known one other person named Terry, and Terry was a he not a she. Thanks

Okay, I feel better now. (Big Sigh of Relief)
I was really distressed there for a bit until I got your reply.

I meant everything I said, Grooveless. You’ve stood the test of time here on the forum and shown yourself to be a true T-Man in every sense of the word; you’re helpful and knowledgable, both. The PERFECT combination! (grin)

Re the name, my mom didn’t know when she named me that Terry with a “y” was the male version of the name. It’s caused confusion in the past. But the truth be known? I almost liked it better when everyone thought I was just “one of the guys.”

Fitone, thanks for assuming the best and clarifying what you knew to be my true intentions. You’re just the T-bestest. (grin)

Yup, the rumor’s correct, as I explained to Grooveless above. Of course, you know if I had ever posted a pic in the Photo forum, I’d have been accused of being a guy, right?

Thanks, for the clarification. I have some realtive that live in the Tampa area also. They are Huge Bucs fans.

Well you must be pretty happy with the way the Bucs handed the Eagles their ass last weekend. I am a big eagles fan and I was sure that they were gonna win but they played really uninspired. Sigh, I have the worst luck I always curse whatever team I cheer for.

Hmmmmmmm perfect combination eh…I suppose that means I should become the new president of Biotest and get all my supps for free.
Have you tried to get into the dog pound yet? I tried but shugs said the pound was full right now but once the new forum is up and working there shouldn’t be any problems. I think we would both make great additions to the pound.
On another note, you pointed out the glaring problem of not having your picture up on the forum. I have mine up(have you checked it out?) and I find it is a really good way to get some constructive criticism as well as being called a man of course :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Groove

What I’m REALLY happy about, Grooveless, is the fact that the Bucs are even GOING to the Super Bowl. They’ve been a franchise since 1974, and this is the first time we’ve earned the opportunity. We’ve hosted a number of times; just never been. It’s 'bout darn time, dontcha think?

Re the Dog Pound, gosh, I love hanging out here in Training & Nutrition with YOU guys. Don’t kick me out, please? Seriously, what I love best about T-Mag are the newbie-vet interactions. I like answering questions that have been asked a bunch of times and making people feel welcome and watching people work through the issues that stand between them and their body composition goals. We’ve got a pretty solid group of people here. The diversity and level of knowledge never ceases to amaze me, not to mention the acts of humanity and compassion I see FREQUENTLY.

The level of knowledge in The Pound is unparalleled, but the members there wanted a quiet place where they could discuss issues without the distraction of questions like, “Should I load my creatine?”
Questions like the creatine one don’t bother me one bit, which is why I prefer to hang out in Training & Nutrition.

So can I stay, please? I promise to behave. (grin)

Lol, just because you can post in the dog pound doesn;t mean you have to stop posting here. It just gives you more area to be usefull in. I personally wanted to join the dog pound because I don’t know everything by a long shot and a lot of the people on the pound are more knowledgeable than me so for my own selfish reason when I have a question that needs answering it is nice to get their opinion. Something I have found(kinda disapointing) is that since the DP has been up a lot of them don;t post on the regular forum anymore. I suppose that was to be suspected but it still is unfprtunate.
Also, I have seen some topics where I feel I could lend some insight and can;t because I can;t post and then that means others are missing out.
I completely understand what your saying about helping newbies out and the feeling you(we) get. Maybe this is how all the T-mag contributers feel each week. I gotta think at the very least it is getting me well prepared for my future line of employment(Strength and conditioning coach) and I know what a hard time I have had attaining any physique goals I wanted because of my damn stubborn body(doesn’t like to lose fat and loves to put it on) and how valuable the help i’ve gotten from T-mag has been so if I can help out anyone else trying to succeed it makes me feel like I am doing soemthing worthwhile. Wow what a run on sentence.
We are talking so much and seem to be people who are gonna be on the forum for a long time and I realised I don;t know anything about you and vice versa, except now that your female :)(can;t believe how long i went thinking you were a male) I am twenty, at University for Kinesiology, and what I really want to do with my life is become a strength and conditioning coach and coach elite level athletes either pro or olympic. I have been thinking about police work more seriously lately though as well. So thats me.
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Tahts what I’m talking about, Can you feel the Luv in the room? Great job Fella’s (Since TT IS just one of the Gang, LOL)

I think Colin’s picking on us, Grooveless. (grin)

Congrats on going for the degree. I’ve got a couple of years of general studies under the belt, but no degree. Alternative and complementary health are hobbies of mine, with a minor (interest, that is) in amino acids and herbs. I guess you could say I have an interest in orthomolecular medicine, but not quite the knowledge of biochemistry that supports my interest. I really do need to go back and pick up a few chemistry and organic chemistry classes.

I started my studies in the areas I stated I have an interest in above because I have a metabolism that rivals if not surpasses yours in stubbornness. I tried to lose weight for five years and couldn’t. I kept looking for the diet, for the workout, for the supplement or herb, fat burner or metabolism stimulator that would help me lose weight. That’s where I ended up with my knowledge. No positive results, but plenty of knowledge.

The bottom line, as you know, is that diet is key to success. With any luck, I’ll be at my first goal weight April 1st. From there, from a low BF%, my goal is to put on some muscle. I’m going to give Myostat a SERIOUS run for its money. (grin)

P.S.: I did my first unassisted pullup (3, actually) yesterday. I’ve been working on that one for three months. A month or so prior I did my first unassisted dip and have now worked up to 5 sets of 8. Next, I guess is going to be handstand pushups.

Congrats on getting that unassisted pull up. I do not know a lot of women who can do those. When I started training a friend(female) at school a while ago who has been going to the gym for a while and is in pretty decent shape, I naively asked her to do a couple chins for part of her back routine and she wasn;t even able to get a quarter of 1. She probably weighed no more than 120 either. So to me that is a great accomplishment. when I started out a few months ago I couldn;t even do 1 wide grip chin at a body weight of 187. NOw I can do 5 at a body weight of 194 with 17.5 extra pounds strapped on. with dips I could do 6 now I can do 10 with 50.
I know diet is the key to weight loss but it seems even when my diet is perfect and I am exercising intensley I still have a really gard time losing weight. It is so frusterating. One insane example is while on the T-dawg I was losing weight at about a pound per week and if I had a tbsp if peanut butter I wouldn;t lose anything that week, and that was the only thing different from the week before. My body hates me.
well I think we have effectively hijacked this thread :slight_smile: and I think colin is just jealous because his team didn;t win the superbowl. Congrats on that and it makes me feal better that the eagles got beat by the eventual champs. The bucs defence is a thing of beauty to watch. They have the ability to completely dominate any game, #1 offence or not.
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Sorry to butt in :slight_smile:

It’s just nice that TT and G_T have turned this into a rather lovely thread, after the initial “distraction” :slight_smile:
I presume Stuu is now off reading up a little bit more- your persuasive ways worked like a charm G-T! SRS