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Pre/Post WO Recovery/Supps?


Does any one know of any articles on here that are related to pre/post workout recovery and nutrition? And what is the best way to go about it? I keep hearing about BCAAs and such but can't seem to find a good article on how and why they are needed post workout.

What do most of you guys take before lifting and after?




There are tons of threads about peri-workout nutrition on this site.
Then there are the articles about the Anaconda protocols and an entire forum about that.


It depends on how long you've gone without eating and how long it will be before you eat again after the gym. Beign that I live a 3-minute jog from my gym, I don't use any post workout drink. If I've gone for a long time without eating before my workout, I eat a Clif Builer bar; yogurt and granola; or banana with peanut butter.

My attitude on pre-workout nutrition has changed quite a bit


I'm not sure but I think having bcaa's in your bloodstream helps kickstart protein synthesis. Also, they may spike insulin helping you pump said bcaa into muscle tissue while training.