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Pre/Post WO Question???


Hi everyone! I am relatively new to the weight training world and I am looking for a little guidance. I am getting ready to start Waterbury's 10X3 program while following the T-DAWG 2.0 diet. Due to time restraints the only time I can get to the gym is about 7 PM. Since I have to get up at the crack of dawn everyday, I am usually in bed by about 9:30 PM. What would ya'll recommend I take (food/supplement) Pre and Post WO since I will be going to sleep so soon after working out? Thanks!!


i've never tried it, but everyone swears by Surge for pre- and post-workout meals. don't worry about the whole limited carbs late in the evening thing if that's when youre working out. make sure to get a carb+protein meal before your workout, Surge immediately after your workout, and a carb+protein meal about an hour after your Surge.

if you can't afford Surge, chocolate milk would suffice.


I've been on a Cottage Cheese kick just before bed everynight... yummy stuff with a little fruit.


carbs and protein before your workout, carbs and protein during your workout, and carbs and protein after your workout. :slight_smile:

throw some fats in pre and post WO if you want.


I was under the impression fats slowed gastic emptying - would this not be a negative thing after a workout when you want an immediate rush of carbs and protein?


Pre-Workout WPI+Carb blend.
Workout Amino+Carb blend.
Post-Workout WPI+Casien+Carb blend.


not a big deal if you're carbing during your workout like i do. i drink ~150 grams of sugar and ~40 grams of protein during every workout. and i have like.... 50-75 grams of carbs before everyworkout as well? so then i'll have a zero carb shake right sfter the session, and then like 1 hour later i'll hit up a real meal like a couple of cheeseburgers or something.


Thanks for the info!!!