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Pre/Post WO Question


Hi everyone! I am relatively new to the weight training world and I am looking for a little guidance. I am getting ready to start Waterbury's 10X3 program while following the T-DAWG 2.0 diet. Due to time restraints the only time I can get to the gym is about 7 PM. Since I have to get up at the crack of dawn everyday, I am usually in bed by about 9:30 PM. What would ya'll recommend I take (food/supplement) Pre and Post WO since I will be going to sleep so soon after working out? Thanks!!


If your work-outs last about an hour, I would drink Surge shake post-workout, and probably eat something fibrous, fatty, protein-rich, and low-carb right before bed. Preferably something with some Casein protein in it. I.e. Chicken breast, broccoli, and a Metabolic Drive shake to wash it down. That should digest slowly all through the night, supplying your cells with Amino-acids.