Pre- & Post-W.O Stack Review?

hello everyone,
would like some help on my pre and post supplement stack.
Age 23
weight 185lbs
height 6’-0"
years lifting 1.5-2

Pre-Workout Stack: [10-20 mins before workout]
-10 g BCAA
-5g~ Beta-Alanine
-5g Creatine Monohydrate
-Possibly 1-2 caffeine tabs just for the longer days

Post-Workout Stack: [30-45 mins before]

  • New-Zeland whey protein isolate 1 scoop= 28g protein
  • Multi vitamin powder (just to add some well needed nutrition until food)
  • 5g Creatine Monohydrate
  • 20-30g of dextrose
  • 1-2 fish oil pills for 8-12 weeks, i have extra laying around…

Please let me know what you think. Ask questions if you have any. Also, im still a little unclear for two things: (1) Is 10g of monohydrate a good dosage? i probably wont do a loading phase, i dont see the point tbh. (2) is my 20-30 grams of dextrose enough or too much?

I wont be buying any more supplements, if anyone see’s a better protocol i should follow with these supplements…feel free to share your knowledge.

the rest of my days will be diet/training/summer job…in that order,gotta love being young. take care everyone

  1. 3-5g creatine per day is enough,no need to load
  2. Monitor and adjust otherwise 20-30g sounds a little low, it depends on your macro targets, goals, frequency/volume of training.

IMO whey is all the same, except isolate for those with allergies, you pay more for gimmics.

You are over thinking things, it’s difficult to use those supplements “wrongly”. I would have my fish oil with a solid meal.

For me,I would have everything 30/45 mins pre, just because I can and I’m lazy.

yeah generally what you posted is proven/will work.

Have the fish oil with your preworkout meal and I would drop the dextrose for something cleaner like a banana or just have more carbs with your pwo solid meal

There no benefit to taking in dextrose post workout unless you just really want to.
you only need about 5G of creatine
Also i would take fish oil with a meal