Pre/Post Synthesis?

My friend went to a supplement warehouse a couple weeks ago and picked up a bottle of Trenbolin XL. He is raving mad about this shit, and admittedly, I am curious.

From what I understand, this is the presynth of the anabolic steroid Trenbolone. Other than this, I can find no other information on Trenbolin XL.

How does this pre/post thing work? Is it even worth looking into the pre-synth version of this stuff? Did he waste his money, and more importantly, am I wasting my time looking to see if there is any merit in cycling some of this stuff?



Ever had any experiences with Trenbolin XL?

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Do you really have to ask? I mean come on, the general feeling on this board regarding prohormones isn’t going to change.

You’ve been here long enough to know that:

Prohormones are crap for several reasons. Generally they are more toxic and less effective then real steroids. Also they are less tested and less understood than real steroids.

How much of this fabled ‘tren precursor’ is actually going to convert into trenbolione inside your body? Some? None? Who knows.

Also, I see you edited your first post which said that you were not interested in steroids. And then you go and make yourself a liar basically.

Sorry to sound like a dick, but I found out the government want to rape me for over a million dollars, when in fact it should be more like $20,000.


I edited my post simply to shorten it so people would reply.

I never said I wasn’t interested in steroids either. I just know enough about them to know I am nowhere near ready for them.

As for prohormones, no… I don’t know much about those either. I didn’t even know Trenbolin was a prohormone.

Thanks for the advice. Brutal about your situation. I hope shit clears up.

I’ve noticed that many people believe that pro-hormones and steroids are completely different things. I could be wrong here but I am under the impression that most of the prohormones that are around today are actually just new steroids that haven’t been banned (designer, if you will).

OP this is not directed to you. This is just an observation that I have made. Sorry I don’t have any other input in this thread.

I haven’t read the beginning of the prohormone sticky in a while but maybe clarification is warranted (if I am correct about the terms)somewhere in the beginning of that thread.