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Pre/Post Surgery Cycle Info

I am going to be getting a third reconstructive surgery on my shoulder at the end of the summer, for reoccuring dislocatons. My last surgery was 2 years ago, and I did a test eth and deca cycle last summer to try to build enough muscle so that this shit wouldn’t happen again. Sadly I bounce at a bar, and this last march while breaking up a brawl i retore my labrem and dislocated my shoulder again. I will have a “pillow” type sling for about 4 weeks, should be starting therapy in about november, and should be able to lift again soon after that. In the mean time I am doing very low weight, hi rep workouts, because my doctor said this would be good to prepare for therapy while not risking more injury. I’m planning my post surgery cycle to go something like this.

Test Eth 500mg

Deca 300mg -4 weeks front load

Test Eth 250mg

Deca 300mg -8 weeks

Test Eth 125mg
Deca 150mg -2weeks

nolvadex -30mg every day for 2 weeks

I did a similar cycle last summer with great success, and had kept most of the muscle until this last injury put me out of the game for a few months. The only difference is last time I front loaded 600 mg deca with 250 mg test for the first 4 weeks. This time I’m also trying the taper method to help with pct. Any input from anyone on critiquing my cycle, or post/pre surgery workout advice would be greatly appreciated. They rarely do 4 surgeries for this type of dislocation, so I want to make sure I do whatever I can to make this surgery hold (no more fighting, snowboarding) etc… Thanks guys