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Pre/Post Cooked Nutrients ?


Ok, i was calculating my new bulking nutrition plan today and something occured to me. I was looking at the back of a bag of brown rice (yes, not the best source for carbs but i am going on a chanko suicide bulking mission :wink:) and i noticed that 100g uncooked contained 77g of carbs and 100g cooked contained about 26g of carbs. I knew this happened, but not to this extent.

I was just curious to know how many of you just ignored this and calculated based on uncooked values and how many calculate based on cooked values.


I'm sure you calculated right.
Your getting the same amount of calories - cooked or uncooked.
The cooked values just appear ro be less because of the retained water which apparently has zero calories.

100g uncooked != 100g cooked since rice sucks up a lot of water and therfore is much heavier. But overall u r eating the right amount.




Ok, i just noticed how retarded my question was! :slight_smile:



Cooked rice is about 3 times heavier than raw, so it will have about 1/3 of its nutritional content.

Since when isn't brown rice a good source of carbs???


I always thought it was, i was just quoting Berardi who recons the only decent carbs are from oats, fruits and veg... I think that's the list he gives.. comes from a recent article, think it was "SWIS: The Best for Last, An Overview of the 2005 Symposium".


It's the whole problem of having too much info and not knowing what to filter out. Haven't tested removing rice from my diet yet so i don't know what evil effects will be removed from my body by removing rice. Honestly, the list given is too short to have any fun eating. I need to enjoy eating or i just wouldn't eat as much as i am eating now!


Brown Rice isn't too bad... While the different rices are a little higher up on the glycemic index (then say quinoa) they are comparitively low as far as the insulin response they induce (insulin index). It may not be the absolute ideal, but it's not that bad.


Actually, I think Berardi thinks quinoa is the best source of carbs, even better than oats.


Ok,now brown rice is a bad carb?What next? Whole Wheat bread and oatmeal?The brown rice I cook with is all natural and only contains 27 carbs and has four grams of protein;is very low in fat.


In all honesty "whole wheat bread" and any bread really is crap. But the rice and oats are good.

Just my take I have yet to find that elusive bread tree once I do damn it ill tell you all.


I'm with Phill on that. The 'whole wheats' in bread are just for markteing issues and cosmetic purposes to make it look better.
Stay with your natural oats. They're pretty damn good anyway.


Yep, all bread pretty much sucks. You can get some good stuff, but it tastes like cardboard and only keeps for about 3 days, then it's starts growing mold like my lucky deadlifting gym socks.