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Pre/Post Beta-Alanine VO2 Submax Testing

As a trainer I have access to do as many VO2 submax tests as I want. SO, I’m taking beta-alanine right now, but I want to stop taking it and let it clear out of my system so I can test my VO2 without it and then with it.

My first question is how long will beta-alanine take to clear out of my body? Second question is at what time periods should I test my VO2, like 6 weeks after beta-alanine ingestion then 12 weeks? Any one have any thoughts on this? Training and nutrition/supplementation will stay the same along the way. Any more control variables I should take into consideration?

I need to find a good dose. I’ve been taking 6 grams a day split up into 1 gram in the AM, 1 gram pre work out, 2 grams during work out, 2 grams post work out. It’s working good. Any suggestions with the dosing?

Hard to say. Since it takes weeks for the desired effect to build up, it might also disappear slowly.

There probably is no literature data on that. The elimination half-life of beta-alanine, if known, wouldn’t be relevant… the relevant question is how long it takes increased levels of cellular carnosine to decrease back to baseline. That could potentially be a quite slow process.

On the dosing, I would split it more evenly. It is not as if the enzyme producing carnosine from beta-alanine (and histidine) is likely to be far more active, if more active at all, around the time of working out. Potentially you might be supplying in this brief period more beta-alanine than can be processed, while providing at other times less than might be processed due to this uneven dosing schedule.

This is the reason that Beta-7 is time released.