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Pre-Planning Second Cycle. Dbol Only

I’m running my second dbol cycle this winter and didn’t know how to properly use PCT. I have a excel sheet please let me know if I need to change anything.


I doubt it. Never seen a troll make a spread sheet lol

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Look at his other post

Just trying to get more info man

I’ll have to check it out after this next set lol. Currently front squatting some poverty weight. That’s why home gyms are awesome, nobody to make you feel guilty about getting on your phone and surfing T-nation.

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I’m always on my phone at the gym between sets lol I feel you.

@gainzgg the reason I said Troll is you have started to separate thread one for dbol one for this both equally horrible ideas

I legit wrote I’m running this cycle during the winter. Why is it a bad idea? You dont even know lol

Running oral only cycles is stupid. Inject test or GFOH.

How did you come to the conclusion that this was the right way to use each of the drugs listed? What is the thought behind each one? I’m actually asking.

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Let me start off by saying idk if this is a perfect stack. For an average dbol cycle you want to run 25-50mg. Dbol can easily cause gyno so it’s a good idea to either run AI or Nolvadex. AI will reduce estrogen production but you have to be careful that you dont overuse Anastrozole. Low estrogen can also cause issues that’s why I’m taking it every other week. So when I’m not taking the AI I’m planning on taking Nolvadex because it is an anti-estrogen. As a PCT I’m going to take both Clomid and Nolvadex because they work well together but I’m not sure about the dosage.

This is not how AIs work within a cycle of a continuous source of exogenous estrogen-causing drug(s).

No it’s not. It does precisely nothing to your existing estrogen levels. The only thing it does—the thing it was created to do—is keep estrogen from binding to breast tissue. It’s selective in its action, which is where it we get the “S” in SERM.

Nolva on its own at 20mg is more effective than 150mg of Clomid. There’s no need for both in a pct. It’s an unnecessary redundancy and the potential side effects of Clomid can be quite unpleasant.

You know just enough to be very dangerous. You need to do a lot more research.

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Well, it’s not really a stack - it’s an abortion. A stack is more than one steroid, IMO, but that may just be semantics.

True - and stack it with Test. There is no average Dbol only cycle because it needs to be stacked with Test.

More research - if you don’t want to inject, don’t do steroids.

Iron, do you think Dbol with TRT dose is a good cycle? Not trying to hijack this thread, but I think everyone has made their points about running solo Dbol being a bad idea.

I am on 150 mg of Test C per week. I was thinking Dbol at 20 - 30 mg pre-workout (workout 4X per week) for 6-8 weeks. I know you have a log on it, but would this do much for me? Would it be better to run 20 mg per day? Not sure on dosing.

I like it a lot at that dosing range combined with trt. It’s good for certain goals and if you don’t have an issue managing your e2 while on it you can have a nice, lower-impact little blast.

My goals are strength, but who doesn’t want those big guns too.

Would you recommend just pre-workout? or every day? What type of gains did you get out of it.

On a mg per mg basis how estrogenic is Dbol vs Test in your opinion? 2X? If using 20 mg pre-workout, that would only be 80 mg per week. Seems like I could handle that in regards to e2?

If I do it, I’ll start a log. Maybe with strength numbers, and pictures pre and post.

So I started at 10mg for a week (maybe it was 10 days; I’d have to go back and check) and then ran it up to 20mg for the next five weeks. I did not add any additional AI, but I cut my test dose from 200mg to 160 then to 120 (that was unrelated; I was looking to lower hct). My goal was actually just to see how well it worked for a slow cut. I reduced calories by 200-300/d, so nothing drastic. It kept me feeling “full” for lack of a better word. Like I was still getting good pumps and feeling strong despite being a little hungry and a little lethargic. I didn’t add any appreciable size, but that wasn’t the goal. 10mg didn’t do anything for strength, but when I hit 20mg it was like a switch had been flipped. I was adding more weight to every movement every week. Nothing huge or impressive, but it was nice linear progress. I would love to try that exact thing again while also incorporating GVT and a slight calorie surplus, but I’m still too fat to go back to eating the way I need for size. I’m at 17.5% now, down from 20% three months ago (I should not have bulked so hard last Fall, but GET THEM DEPRESSION EATING GAINZ BRO).