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Pre-Planned Diet?

Is there a book or webpage someone can direct me to that has a daily diet for one week, or one month, that I can just follow? I read Nutrition for Newbies by Christian Thibaudeau, but it would be easier to just follow something that has the foods, portions, and variety built in rather than trying to make my own.

Currently eating 1500-2000 calories a day (5’7" 155lbs) spread over 4 meals and not getting enough protein. I don’t really have time to cook dinner either- I work a desk job 9-5 monday-friday and then have class 6-9 monday-thursday. Sorry if this is redundant

Yea somebody should post something like Crossfit just with diets. it would become a major hit ! They could post the shopping list for next week each friday…

Why can’t you create one on your own?

I’m assuming the OP is cutting. Check out Bartl’s Physique Clinic log. There’s an example of daily diets for some extreme cutting on it.