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Pre PL Meet Training

Alright y’all I’m trying to set up the time frame for my pre meet training. Right now I am 21 weeks out. This gives me the chance to do two 9 week Westside cycles. So assuming that I start my first 9 week cycle tonight and then take one week off then do another 9 week cycle. What should I do the week before the meet by what time should I have decided on my openers, how often should I use bands, I am considering adding in creatine to my supplements in the 2nd 9 week cycle.

Good question, I was also wondering the same thing, I think I will be entering my first meet August 7th(about 9 weeks). What class do u plan on competing in, and what are your PR’s. If you are an advanced squatter you might want to do a circa-max phase(check out BM’s log, or he will probably post), or if you are not as advanced keep the same percents and lower band tension.(I havent squatted with bands, so I am just repeating what I have read from many articles and the band manual). You might want to search the q&a over at elitefts and look in the articles section. I found this on the q&a

How does the program lead into a contest. Example: for a lifter lifting on Sataurday, would you still do Monday’s max effort workout and would you still do Wednesday’s max effort workout?

Training for a contest is one of the reasons we set the training days as they are:

The last two weeks:
Mon: Max effort Squat = no changes

Wed: Max effort Bench = no changes

Fri: Dynamic Squat = use week one weight of your training wave unless using a circa maximal method. If using a circa wave then there may be up to three weeks deloading

Sun: Dynamic bench = no changes except you may cut down on the supplemental and accessory movements

Mon: Max effort Squat: no max effort movement only reverse hypers and abs. Perhaps some sled dragging

Wed: max effrot bench = for some this may be nothing other may do a max effort movement only up to 705 with some light traiceps

Fri: nothing

Sat or Sun; meet day

you may also want to look at this article:

Bump for an experienced PL, unlike me.

one week out I would go with some light GPP. typically 2 weeks out we test MEs/PRs and feel out what we want our opening lifts to be.

deciding on your openers could be as early as right after you do ME (but probaly not) or as late as when you arrive at the meet. It’s good to feel around for what your competition is opening with and balance that with what you can do flawlessly. I think most would agree with me that you never want any reds on your first attempt. The judges tend to be more lenient if you nail the first one as if you could do it in your sleep.

are you going to do the meet in gear?..if so i owuld try to get your gear espicially your shit around 14 weeks outs…use the first 9 weeks using the basics in the last 12 or so you can get very specific to your weak points and really begin to concentrate on things like shirt work and speed phases…bm


I plan on using a squat suit and knee wraps but not a bench shirt. The bench shirt will be for my 2nd meet whenever that may be. My plan right now is to use straight weight the first 9 weeks take a week off and then use the last 9 weeks to bring up weaknesses and also incorporate bands for my speed work.

you seem to have a good plan…may i ask why you dont plan to use a shirt???..bm

Check your PM.


I am not going to use a bench shirt because I want to know what I can bench raw. That is the only reason, I am not going into this meet for any other reason than to beat my sey goals. I want to use a shirt in the future but I want to see how much I have in my favorite lift raw first.