Pre Phase 1 Training Log

Finally creating a log to keep myself accountable. I lost alot of weight this year (down from 125kg-ish in January to 97-99kg in august) and have really been focusing on run time/pressups whilst doing other weight training. Goals are to get down to 95kg by February whilst improving run time, pressups and strength if possible (I realise getting stronger is abit much to ask whilst on a calorie deficit and doing lots of conditioning work but what the hell I’ll try).

My start date for my phase 1 training is Feb 2 so ill want to be as fit as possible going in.

Normal routine is as follows:

Monday - Pressups followed by back work
Tuesday - Sprints
Wednesday - Pressups with more back work
Thursday - Run with 10kg vest
Friday - Pressups followed by fun weights
Saturday - S.F.A
Sunday - 1.5mile run

It begins.

Will weigh myself 2-3 times a week starting today 98.9kg

Monday’s training

Chin ups 8 4 3 3 3 - never got more than 6 in a set before today :slight_smile:
Pressup max in 2 mins - 59
Seated row 65kg 8 8 8 40kg 16
Decline sit ups in 2 mins - 36 major weak point but I’ve neglected core work recently.
Shoulder/Upper back stuff 6 sets total
Treadmill incline walk 20 mins 217 cals burnt

Bloody Nora, I weighed myself today and was 95.1kg :slight_smile: my new target is 93kg by February.

Training wise I did some incline treadmill sprints today, 4-5 work sets increasing speed/incline each time. Decent session

Wednesdays training:

super set 30 secs rest between each round
lat pulldown 60kg 12 12 8 lighter weight final set
press ups narrow grip 15/12/12/20 (last set normal grip) - really weak triceps i’m thinking, gona add some close grip pressing next week

super set
cable rows 3x20
rope pulldowns 3x10-12

super set
shrugs 3x8
cable curls 3x10-15

felt awful, got a head cold or a mild flu and moving my head isn’t pleasant.

Thursday did a 1.5/6 mile run in 11.45 for the hell of it, my record for the 1.5 is like 10.15ish so today was easy going.

again I felt awful, but better after the run suprisingly

fridays training

Arnold press 15kg 12 12 10 light enough to warm up but heavy enough to just say feel it, must get better at these
chinups 5/5 - gave up felt like my head was going to explode with each rep, damn cold
Incline pressups in 2 mins - 50 This was okay but I wasnt breathing properly due to blocked nose I think
shoulder/upper back stuff 5-6 sets
sit up test 45 in 2 mins - getting better

Sunday - ran 1.5 in 10.36

Feeling a bit better today, still got a cold but headache is easing off :slight_smile:

Was away last week but managed to get a couple of runs done along with some pressups and generic back work. One interesting note was my 4.5 mile run on Thursday left me with really some hamstrings till Monday, never happened before.

Sunday ran 1.5 mile in 10.35

Monday training:

chin ups with bottom stretch pause 3-3-3-3-3
incline db press 25kg 8-8-8 (used to be alot stronger pressing but started getting back/shoulder pain)
incline pressups 20-12-9 fast sets and little rests
cable upper back stuff 3 sets
shoulder raises 8kg 25-25-25
lying leg raises 20-15-15

Weighed 96.2kg on Tuesday morning 23/12/2014

I realise I haven’t been weighing myself as regularly as I should be, Ill remedy this shortly.

Tuesday did some intervals outside, 6 sets of 30 seconds hard sprinting followed by 30 seconds jog/walk.

Wednesday training:

lat pulldown 59kg 10 10 10 (not getting any heavier but decreasing rest to 30 seconds)
2 min pressup test - 60
seated row 60kg 10 10 10 (again rests are getting shorter)
upper back stuff - shrugs and rear raises few sets
planks 3x30secs on 30 secs off
did some curls and push downs as well as its Christmas :slight_smile:

Saturday training:

One arm db rows up to 35kg for 6 slow reps
Very steep incline pressups 20/18/10 30 secs in between sets
2 Min sit up test - 48 slowly creeping up
Laterals 10kg 20/20/18
One minute of shrugs/just holding the weight, got 40 total reps on the stack

Sunday run was 11.03 1.5 mile complete with lovely hills and ice

Weighed myself on monday 28th and weighed 97.2kg.

Mondays training:

Chin ups 4/4/4/4/2 stretch at bottom
Incline db press 25kg 10 30kg 6 20kg 12
Seated Row 70kg a side 10/9/8 30 secs rest
Steep incline pressups 25/16/9
laterals 10kg 25/25/20
Leg raises 25/20/20

Tuesdays training:

Outside intervals 6x30secs run/sprint 6x30secs jog/walk

Wednesdays training:

Wide grip pullups 3/3/2/none Thought I may as well try
depth pressups 20/10/8 these are sooo tough
Seated row 45kg a side 20/18/12
Rear cable fly 7kg 25 25 25
Curls 15kg 10 12.5kg 12 10kg 16

Thursdays 1.5mile run time - 10:15 :slight_smile: the hill course that Ive been running is paying off, this wasnt even max effort.