Pre-Peri-Post Supplement Advice


I need a little help with my supplementation around training in gym. I mean pre-peri & post work-out drinks. I’ve already read a lot of articles about this theme, but now I’m really confused. So I’d like to know what would be the best solution for me.

I have only this stuff so it would be nice to make some supple-plan from this:
whey protein80, l-glutamin micronised, creatin monohydrate micronised, maltodextrin, dextrose, bcaas, vitamin e 400, vitamin c 1000, caffeine 200, taurin 1000, fish oil capsules. (in the near future I should also buy hydrolyzed whey protein 75% and micellar casein 82%)

weight: 100 kgs (hardgainer, fat 15%)

Thanks for reply! :slight_smile:

Can someone answer my question, please? :\


I’m unsure about some of the items you’ve listed and won’t pretend to be an expert. In general, whey is absorbed more quickly than casein. Whey should probably be used peri-w/o and casein at other times especially before bed. BCAAs also may be most effective peri-w/o. The fish oil (quality stuff such as Flameout or prescription) would be of great benefit to virtually everyone (4g or more per day).

The thing about supps is they are primarily a substitute for food. They are not better than a good diet! If we were in a perfect world with a quality food supply, most supps would be unnecessary.
My recommendations for basic supplementation would include fish oil, Surge Recovery, Surge Workout Fuel, BCAAs and Resveratrol. Take as directed and eat a clean diet and you will get the most out of your training. Good luck.

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  2. Read Thibs’ articles written on exactly this subject.

If you have questions, come back and ask then. Pretty much all of this is going to be found pretty easily… use the search function at the top right of the page.

Also, a 220 lb hardgainer sounds like you need to work out harder and more effectively. There really isn’t a ‘hardgainer’ body type, and you aren’t likely an ‘ectomorph’ because you have 15% body fat and weigh almost twice what I did when I started lifting a few years back.