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Pre-packed chickin breast?

I notice a lot of you cook and prepare your chickin breast meals but i’ve just been buying pre-cooked breast slices that a just sling in a sandwhich. The label reads 99% chickin breast so I assume it’s o.k but i’ve got a feeling it ain’t if you guys are all buying fresh, uncooked breasts. Is there any problems with the pre-cooked, packaged stuff?

You may want to check the ingredients label.

If it is pre-cooked, chances are it is loaded with nitrates and all sorts of other preservatives--which may include, but is not limited to soy, hydrogenated oils, and other nasty things.

Not exactly the healhiest stuff to put in your body. If that is the case, you would be well-advised to swtich to fresh chicken.

Hope this helps.

I damn near died eating some processed buffalo chicken breasts. I had about a half-pound, went to bed, and woke up that morning hardly able to f-ing breathe–I’m allergic to sulfites–I checked the label, which must have had 50 seperate items, something like 6 different preservatives, and just got disgusted. At that point I realized that processed food was total crap. That was about a 18 months ago; now I eat clean. Steer clear from that pre-finished sh!t. You can get chicken breast for all of $2.00/lb in bulk. Thaw a couple pounds, marinate it, bake it, refrigerate it, microwave later as necessary. I must spend almost an hour a week cooking, what a shame. Beats the hell out of feeling like sh!t all the time.