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Pre-Packed Chicken vs Fresh?


Can anybody please tell me if their are any adavantages & disadvantages between pre-packed chicken & uncooked chicken?

I currently eat pre-packed chicken breast pieces as it is convient & also the package size contains the correct amount of grams that i require for for my daily protein intake.

I am thinking of switching to uncooked chicken breast as maybe their are more advantages?


fresh food is always a better choice, but there is really nothing wrong with canned chicken, tuna, salmon, etc. I would just recommend rinsing off the water/sodium before you eat it. Why don't you try preparing several meals for the week week on a day you have time to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen? Then when you don't have chance to cook, or run out of food that's already been cooked you can go to your canned meats.


You don't have to worry about sodium intake as long as it's not excessive if you don't have hypertension, CHF, or renal disease.

I can almost guarantee you won't see any difference--and if there is, it's INDISCERNIBLE--in health indicators, performance, or physique, ESPECIALLY being you're not a competitive bodybuilder.

I currently have 50 cans of sardines, salmon, chicken, and tuna and several bags of pre-made shrimp in my apartment.


I'll just weigh in with the cost factor. As I have said a couple times now in different threads. I have just got onto a Local grocery store with a very good butcher, They routinely, as in almost 1 week out of every month, run an insane sale on chicken quarters. As in 49 or 59 cents per pound.

Couple of benefits. Cheap = high turnover, they are getting large shipments in daily, they sell them by the peice, or in 20 and 40 lb bags. A 40 Lb bag of quarters will cost you... $19.60. That is literally one meal out. You just got 40Lbs of protein. Ok minus the bone, you probably net about 33Lbs.

Secondly, Chicken quarters are legs and thighs, or in other words, dark meat. It's going to have slightly more fat, especially if you leave the skin on, so more calories than breasts. And cooking chicken on the bone produces chicken that you will LOVE to eat, instead of a dry breast which you eat or choke down, but don't really enjoy unless you really doctor the hell out of it.

Quarters get S&P and get thrown in the oven or on the grill. Freeze them, I have a chest freezer. I could store probably 500Lbs of chicken in this thing, but regardless, you shouyld be able to freeze 40Lbs of chicken in any standard freezer.

So if you Net 33 lbs of chicken, you can eat 1 Lb per day and get a full month use out of your purchase. It would cost you an average of approx $.65 per day for this protein source. Even Tuna is not this cheap.



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Extra protein (and man points) if you drink the gelatinous goo.