Pre OVT Questions

Ok I’m finally ready to do OVT. Here’s the problem though: I’m going to be lifting at bally’s for the 4 weeks and supersetting alot of the excercises will just be impossible.
The following excercises I will not be able to superset simply because it will either be too crowded or for other reasons:

Back day
C1. Lat pulldown
C2. 1 arm rowing
D1. Bent-over barbell rowing
D2. Seated cable rowing

Leg day
B1. 1-leg back extension
B2. Leg curl

Arms day
C1. Weighted dips
C2. Decline triceps extension
D1. Lying triceps extension
D2. Cable pressdown

Shoulder day (all of the excercises)
A1. Military press
A2. Incline lateral raise
B1. Alternate dumbbell shoulder press
B2. Cable front raise
C1. Seated cable row to neck
C2. Incline rear delt raise

So how can i possibly work around this? Can I perform those excercises one after the other and still get the same benefit?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

yeah Tryin,
Thats going to be tough doing OVT at Bally’s (especially during peak hours). You walk away for 5 seconds, and someone snakes the bench you were using! The only suggestions I would make is try to keep your towel and your water bottle on the bench when you leave and hope that some idiot doesn’t come along and take it.

Or maybe try to combine exercises ala Roman’s “Change it Up” routine where you combine 2 exercises in 1.

Or you could just fart when you leave a bench. That should keep people away…haha.

This program seems a bit disproportionate (legs&chest???). I would scrap some of that shoulder work and get some chest in there. Also, when you stack sets like this you should not go from a compound movement to a single dumbell exercise that requires you to work one side at a time. The whole point of OVT to is to perform a heavy 5 rep set followed by a lighter but higher TUT set. You should just stick with more compound movements so if the gym is crowded you already have the resources you need to complete the set (i.e. the barbell etc).

W. this isn’t the whole program. I only pasted those supersets which I probably can’t do at ballys. I intend on doing the whole OVT program though, which is pretty well balanced.

Yony, I hate ballys. That is all I have to say.

I’m sure you’ve considered this, but just for the sake of stating it:

Try working out early in the morning when there are fewer people about. I’m often able to dominate two pieces of equipment during early morning workouts, whereas if I have to go in the afternoon I always have to share just one piece if it’s popular.

understand, good luck…I like the farting idea!

Yea Boston, this eems like the best idea.

Any other ideas?

So I guess the program isnt quite the same if you do the excercises one after the other, making the X2 excercises heavy as well as the X1?


Do you guys think that I should up the number of training days since I will be on mag-10 or is the volume high enough?

keep the volume as it is. OVT is a killer. In fact, in the past I recomended lowering the number of supersets from 5 to 3 iniitally if you are natural. With Mag-10 you’ll be able to do the 5 sets (but the pump might be untolerable!).

Thanks CT

Mag-10, teenage hormones, same difference :stuck_out_tongue: