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Pre Ordering at Gamestop


If I preorder a game at gamestop can I go to a different gamestop shop and get the game or do i have to get it at the one I put the preorder down in.

(It was elder scrolls 5 btw)


idk the answer to your question, but I am getting that game on Friday and I'm not leaving my apartment next weekend.


i think you have to go back to the same store.


Gamestop's policy is you have to go to the same store. It's gay. But I still pre-order from them often.


Awh well might be able to get someone to collect it.

I'll probably be the same. So... whats your character going be like?


I got extra for my trade ins when i pre ordered so i don't mind.


Gonna pick it up in about an hour and a half!

I think I'm gonna make a dual wield badass, idk though. I always make melee guys so maybe I will try something different. I watched a long ass video about it and the magic looks cool the way you can use both hands and combine spells.


with the shout system everyone can use some type of magick. Mage or not.


yea but it wont be the same as an actual mage i'd imagine.