Pre-Mixing Pre-Workout + BCAA's

Hi all,

This is my first post and I have always kept in shape but never really gone at it much with supplements until recently but have tried various things in short bursts over the past. Im 24 , 6"4 and always been fairly slim/athletic.

I have googled everywhere for this and not found it so I hope it hasn’t been posted before.

I’m a student (broke) so I did a bit of research and have bought myself some pre workout stuff to mix myself (Creatine, AKG, Alanine, and then caffeine pills as optional dependant on workout time) - I’m only stating this all so I can have your opinions too!

Also the standard 3 BCAAs, Leucine, Iso and Valine.

I plan to take some BCAA’s with protein in the morning and evening, and the rest in my pre-workout with the others (in a shake or with juice). Is that going to be all good?

My REAL question is though, looking at all these packets, can I pre-weigh the two mixes into larger amounts (lets say a weeks worth?) into a large pot? or is that going to just completely ruin the ratio as I assume it would.

If so, would anybody be able to give some advice on what they do? split it into daily pots or pre make the shakes the night before…etc…?

Hope this is not too much to ask in one! Thanks for any help in advance.


I’ve done similar things when I have been fed up with various opened bags lying around. For example, I mixed up ALCAR and beta alanine in a rough 50 50 ratio and tried to mix it. It’s a crude concoction but I’m happy adding a 5g scoop of it to my pre-workout without fearing morbid consequences! To this I add large dose of BCAA, and citrulline malate, before popping an electrolyte tablet. I get the beta alanine tingle, so i know thats working. Yes, it’s still some faffing around but I save a fortune on proprietary blends. I do something similar intra and post workout.

Just one suggestion - you can probably save yourself a few bucks by not adding BCAA to your protein. Assuming you’re getting ~30g whey, I don’t think you’re adding any additional benefit. It won’t hurt anything, though.


If I was a broke college kid (again), I would spend the money on quality food vs supplements. Supplements can help compliment a good diet and fill in some gaps, but probably won’t make up for a poor, pun intended, diet. I know when I was in college, it was real easy to eat like crap.

You’re at a peak time in your life where a good diet will help your training and studies. Get good grades, a good job, then start stacking on supplements.

My two cents. Best of luck.

x2 here

get the BCAAs in mid/periworkout -much more bang for your buck