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Pre-Mixing Low-Carb Grow!?

Anyone tried pre-mixing Low-Carb Grow!? Say I want to do the Velocity Diet, but I do not have a blender at the office and a shaker leaves MRP’s a little too powdery and lumpy and nasty for my taste, can I mix up 3 or four batches in the morning, poor them into seperate shakers and put them in my handy cooler and then shake and drink as needed later in the day? I have tried this with some lesser brands and after sitting a while they are not really drinkable (even when kept cool). I know Grow! is better quality, but is there any way you guys have learned to “pre-mix” it (sort of a home-made RTD)?

I normally take 3 or 4 shakes with me to work. I work 2 jobs! All i can say is I don’t have a problem with the Low-Carb Grow! mixing up at all! I use a lil more than recommend on the water & it comes out fine. I have noticed if U let it sit, it thickens up considerably. Got called away from my desk before i had a chance to drink. It sat about 15 mins… added a bit more water & it was fine though. Also i have used ice cubes in the shaker & it made the drink really frothy(sp).

Hope that helps… just my .02

I prepare my own MRP shake in the morning with a serving of Vanilla Low-Carb Grow!, berries, Udo’s oil, flax seed, oatmeal. It works out very well. The vanilla complements the berry flavor very well.

I just started using Grow! like this 3 weeks ago. Before that, I was using a different brand of protein powder in the same shake. The first time I used Grow! instead (and since then), I noticed that the shake seemed MUCH more filling. I guess it’s the micellar casein. Also, it seems more filling than when I make the same shake and drink it right away. So I wonder if making the shake in the morning, and drinking it at 4:00 pm allows the micellar casein to ‘activate’ more. To thicken and gel more… Dunno, it’s just more filling! Taste’s great too!

I’ve done this with Grow! + olive oil
and Grow! + peanut butter and it works fine. You might wanna add some ice to keep it cool until you’re ready to drink it.

Grow! mixes perfectly fine in a shaker. I have NEVER gotten a lump with Grow!

Heck, I can mix Low-Carb Grow! at work with a spoon… if you can’t get it mixed with a shaker you’ve got problems.

I always manage to get a smooth drink with 20-30 seconds of vigorus shaking. your bottle DOES have the “screen” part that slips in before you put the top on, right?

I keep a supply of Grow! pre-measured in zip-loc bags. Since the Velocity Diet description, I’ve been throwing in a heaping spoonful of milled flax seeds to 2 scoops of chocolate Low-Carb Grow!

I even keep a supply of bottled water in my office. One Poland Springs 24 oz. sport bottle gets me my shake with half the bottle, and then I use the rest to immediately re-fill the bottle, shake vigorously to rinse it, and drink down the rest. The “rinsing” means my shaker bottle doesn’t sit around and rot, I get every drop, and I get plenty of hydration. And I don’t have to leave my office to get water or wash out the shaker.

I usually bring the 2lb tub with me and a few shakers and every three hours make a shake no worries, strange looks from my co workers as I walk in with my Grow! but no worries