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Pre mixed protein

How long does protein last if you pre-mix it. Here is what I do. I whip up some various proteins, fast absorbing and slow absorbing and take them to work and thru out the night I drink them with my meal or by themselves. Does the protein break down and therefor is no good or does it last, say 14 hours? I always bring the packets but I can’t leave my position to go whip up some concoction every 2 hours and I can’t bring 3 cans with me either, I have no room in my locker. Thanks Riz

It will last 14 hours in a fridge. If you dont have any cold place to store the shake then a better idea is to bring a shaker bottle and extra water, after your shake just pour some more water, shake and drink that will clean your shaker bottle enough that you dont have to leave to wash it for your 14 hour shift. my2cents