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Pre-Meet Weight Loss


I’m new to the forums and I’m looking for pre meet weight loss advice. I have a meet in a week and I’m looking for the best ways to lose 2-4 lbs without sacrificing strength. Thanks a lot. (I’m trying to get in the 155 class btw)


2lbs take a shit weigh in day. 4lbs don’t eat the day of weigh in and take a shit


lol I’m looking for more of like a gradual thing


What @Vincepac1500 said. You can lose that in water easily over 48 hours simply by not drinking (well, hardly drinking) and sweating it out.


Awesome thanks a lot


Also, reduce carb intake. Carbs make you retain more water. Don’t cut them out completely, just less than normal.

Some people say to avoid red meat because it digests slower. You don’t want anything extra sitting in your intestines if you’re trying to make weight.

And make sure you eat some fruits and vegetables to get some fibre, the last thing you want is to get constipated - which is possible is you are dehydrated and eating no carbs and lots of meat.


This is super helpful. Thank you very much