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Pre-Meet Supplement Advice?


Hey guys, i have a meet in west plains MO on the 12th. And i was just wondering what everyone did supplement wise? Do you guys take a pre workout before each lift or am i better off with caffeine pills and energy drinks? just curious as to what the best way to go would be. Thanks guys!


Whatever you do just make sure you try it out a few times in practice before. I try to keep competitions in any regards as routine as possible, there's enough new stuff introduced that I have no control over (bars, weights, benches, people) so I try to control whatever I can as much as I can.

Personally I'm not a big fan of suppliments for comp unless I'm feeling tired (caffine) or pain (Ibuprofin) but that's just me. I have a friend who'll take a gram of caffine, 200mg of ephedrine, 500mg of D-bol at the beginning of the day and top it up as he goes along. I'm not sure how he doesn't die but he swears by it.


Bit of advice: stay easy on any caffeine until after you get your opener squat in.



In fact, I typically leave any stimulants until after I've gotten my first bench in and then my stimulant of choice is a couple of bottles of redline.

Depending on your federation certain things are banned. If you're competing IPF, check out the most current WADA banned substance list. It's unlikely you'll be tested but there is always a random chance.


Thanks for the advice everyone! The fed is USPA so not quite sure what there banned substances are, i will defiantly have to look into that.


Haha well i don't think i will try that combo quite yet.


Just keep it simple. My biggest thing is getting a decent breakfast, with a good amount of carbs. It's hard for me to really eat anything before or during a meet. So I generally do a shake in the morning with protein and oats, my shake will have about 100g of protein and 2 cups of dry outs, it will take me hours to sip/chew on that. Once I'm pretty much done with that I go with the caffeine and 50/50 gatorade and water to drink. To eat, the only thing I really can stomach are chocolate powerbars and bananas. I have a ridiculously high caffeine tolerance, but if you're sensitive at all, I would go with what others have said about it and watch it before your first squat. Hope that helps.


@ UAphenix.

Yeah i plan on getting a good bloat the day before and getting is some good carbs for B fast for sure. i dont know how i will be as to eating seeing as this is my first meet. im going to pack a cooler with ppj,s and a shaker bottle with my protein powder. other then that ill keep my pre workout/ energy supps ready. Thanks!


I've been told not to take any caffeine after bench. Because it is a diuretic, it could increase your chances of cramping while deadlifting.

The USPA doesn't drug test.


The diuretic effects of caffeine are pretty minimal so I wouldn't really worry about that unless you're already pretty dehydrated. Since it's meet day you should be drinking lots of water so I doubt you'll have to worry about that. Of course YMMV so it's important to do as I said before and dry run everything in the gym a few times first. Surprises on competition day suck.


I absolutely agree that you dry run supplements before a meet. I bombed on squats a two meets taking stimulants before squatting. That was a tough lesson. Deadlift is my big lift and I love the feeling of adrenaline mixed with caffeine and knowing your on the final leg of the meet. I'm pissing all day of a meet anyway from nerves so I don't know if caffeine really affects it or not.


I am a stimulant junkie, lots of my training sessions will be fueled by ephedra + a couple scoops of some crack-based pre workout supplement. That being said, meet day I have found the nerves are high enough that I can't tolerate this stuff until deadlift time. Then I load up.


Could someone explain why its smart to avoid caffeine until after squats?



Two bad scenerios: nerves all ready jacking you up enough, throw in a large amount of other stimlants and either a) you start shaking so much under the bar that you can't get the lift in or b) you tighten up from that much stimulation and depth is unattainable. I have had both happen to me, and to training partners. Kinda scary when someone is shaking like a leaf on a tree wtih 900+ on their back.


Thanks Pete, I'll be sure to avoid pounding down the caffeine supps until after squats are done.



A Third Bad (but less possible) scenerio: It can jar your GI tract if you are sensitive to caffeine... has happened to me a few times during a workout with too much (>4 LARGE cups of coffee) and Lord knows you cannot squat heavy and concentrate when a turtle-head starts poking out. Can't imagine the anxiety you'd have if you have a squat suit on.

EDIT: Forgot to add that my training partners and I do not have not had >900+ on our back. Lol. feelsbadman.


Good point. I'm not a caffeine lightweight, but I still wouldn't plan on going crazy with the stuff until after squats now, so thanks.


Where is the meet? What time does it start? I'm a big ol' puss but it'd be cool to come up and watch.


I've been messing around with this lately and have found some things that work well for me.

Number one most important aspect of pre-meet nutrition: Dont use or do anything new. If you havent been taking or eating it during your training dont start now. You have no idea how you will react.

That being said, here is my full meet day nutrition. I am not saying this is the end all be all but it works well for me:

With breakfast, which is usually some scrambled eggs and coffee if I am watching weight: Centrum, 3g Kre-Alkaline, assload of vitamin b, and no liquids, other than coffee

Immediately after weigh-in: gallon of 50/50 water gatorade mix, shitload of bananas, more vitmin b, 3 more grams of kre-alkaline, rockstar recovery mixed with couple scoops of Surge Workout Fuel (keep this topped off all day, probably go through about 3 cans and 6 scoops and have yet to test positive for caffiene), 3 scoops of protein powder in water, lots of fish oil. Fair warniing, your pee will be two things: constantly streaming and glow in the dark/neon colors at this point.

After Squats: 3 more g kre-alkaline

After Bench: 3 more g kre-alkaline, more bananas

After DLS: try to get another shake in and at least another bottle or 2 of gatorade. Then a ridiculous victory meal.


It is in west plains MO. At a place called The firm. the competiton starts at 9 am!