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Pre-Meet Lifts


The squat video is 455 first then the 2nd is 500. And the deadlift video is 535. I weighed about 170lbs at the time of these lifts and will be lifting in the Midwest Open on April 8th. I've made alot of progress over the last few months and dont plan on it stopping.




Nice work. Keep it up


Hey binford are those legal depth squats.
Im asking because i really dont know.
great vids those are improvements over your last comp if I remember correctly
great job.thanks for your advice in the past making nice gains.


Yeah they are legal depth, the guy calling depth for me is a NASA chair and i lift in the APF and are rules say just to parallel and theirs says just below. The video does look a little higher i thought the same thing, but the guys said it cause the video is from the front. Thats why the head judge from the front doesn't judge depth.


Yeah, from the front it's impossible to judge depth.

And I think you're the only guy I've seen in a Leviathan suit that isn't 300lbs+

Nice squat man.


Nice lifts man.

That deadlift looked pretty easy for you.

Good luck in your meet.

  • Mark


Yeah my training partners are super suprised that i can get down in that leviathan. But today i took my opener of 465 on squat and went 2 inches below parallel and believe me it is still tight. Takes 3 guys to get it off of me.

Yeah the deadlift was pretty easy, that was 535, i pulled 545 in the gym on tuesday and had some minor form issues, but it still went up pretty good, form just didnt feel good. So today i did some speed pulls in my suit went up to 365 and felt like i coulda pulled 600 today. I moved my toes out a little more on deadlift and it fixed my form issues.

My knees where going over the bar, but i'm all good now. Looking to pull 585 to 600 at the meet. If i go 9 for 9, i'll total 1500 at 165. But i should hit atleast 1400. 1580 is an elite total at 165 so thats not to bad for my first meet and i've really only been powerlifing serioiusly since october.


I'll tell ya what though i forgot. Nick Hatch wears a leviathan and he lifts in the 148 and 165 class and squats like 830 in it. So i guess it can work pretty well for lightweights too haha.


I hope Diesel Weasel sees this and takes some notes.


Haha, hey i tell ya what though atleast the guy finally relized he was hitching it as is trying to improve his form. Even though none of his lifts would pass in a meet even now after his improvements.