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Pre-Max Info?

Hey, I am a beginning powerlifter, and tommorow is my max squat day. I was wondering if anyone has any last second tips, and if anyone could give me any good ideas for pre-max meals and if you have any protein or nutrition supplements to take pre-max.

eat about an hour and a half to two hours before training, you want some low gi carbs with protein, don’t gorge yourself, don’t want to barf. stay hydrated and most importantly the post workout meal is critical, a good protein drink with hi gi carbs after training to start repairing muscle. And if you are a beginner, concentrate on form and your technique. good luck with starting your pr’s

Mentally rehearse, visuallize yourself making those lifts, imagine how it will feel and remember your key points of form.
Think positive and psyche yourself up all day.
Besides that, as mentioned above, eat light before, you want to go to the gym on a near empty stomach, and stay hydrated. I like to have some caffiene before I lift.
Something I have been doing lately is rubbing Icy Hot (or an equivalant) on my knees beforehand. This takes away the dull ache I feel, and warms up the joints. It could be all mental, but it helps me.

Maxing is more mental than physical preparation, just eat light like the other guys said.

Eventually it’ll become second nature to psyche the hell up for your maxes.