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Pre-Made Shakes

Does it affect a shake if it is pre-made. Will it lose any of its nutritional value if i keep a surge in my gym locker made already and drink after i workout? Same for protein shakes?


Assuming you keep it cold, I don’t think it will. Now RTD from the store is another matter. They have to pasteurize it which takes away some of the protein if they sell it RTD (ready to drink).

AFAIK, the nutritional value that is lost during such a short wait is very very minimal. In other words, not worth worrying about.

Only if some of the stuff you mix into the shake have a really short half life would you worry about it.

Now, if you are talking about Ready to go drinks such as those sold in coolers or on shelves in cans, then it’s a whole different ballgame. Those lose value due to the processing and pasteurizing processes.