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Pre-Made Protein Shakes


In my line of work I frequently have trouble getting the time needed to eat a multiple solid food meals during a 10 hours shift. I have plenty of time outside of work to make them, just not enough time to eat them.

Has anyone blended multiple protein shakes, poured them into separate bottles and kept them in a cooler to be consumed while at work? I was looking for advice because just protein powder, water and a blender bottle with almonds or an apple gets very boring. I'm trying to stay away from buying/eating pre-packaged bars.

I'm open to any ideas or suggestions.


Just blend up a few pounds of steak, 4 cups of oatmeal and some water and then modify a CamelPack so it can output meat sludge without a hitch.

Problem solved!

You should be fine with keeping shakes in a cooler though. I would get several shaker cups and fill each one with Metabolic Drive complete and Leucine then keep a bottle of Barleans flax oil in the cooler to add to each shake when you want to drink it.


Jeezus, I had to read this several times to get what you were asking.

You said "just protein powder, water and a blender bottle" gets very boring.

I see that you MEANT to say: "it's boring having to take all that to work and mix up my shake AT WORK."

Am I right?

Otherwise, it reads like you broke down the components of a typical shake (e.g., "all a shake is is just protein powder, water and a bottle") and are calling the typical shake "boring."

People, for the love of God, proof read your posts before posting.


i do this a lot.

preblending peanut butter, any kind of protein powder (if your going for more than 3 hours, a whey mix with casein or egg is great here)go for your basic concentrates of whey, calcium caesinate, whole egg powder, dont need anything refined for a liquid meal if you can tolerate the lactose or fats, some berries and a bit of flax seeds or psylium husks.

use bottles that leave with you few ounces of space to pour extra water in, shake up nice and good, pound it.

add more PB, heavy whipping cream, fruits, oats, grits, or chocolate syrup depending on your nutrition plan.

also the Metabolic Drive bars are decently priced, i think around a buck a meal? and they taste very good. and a cut above the rest as far quality goes. but at 20g protein, 20g carbs, there a small small meal if your a bigger guy or not dieting.


They are about $1.85 the last I checked. If you consider two of them a "meal," that's $3.70 for a meal. Yes, they are small.

What I would do:

Take a protein bar, one SMALL handful of almonds (I like mine blanched, so soak them in water overnight - really good), 2 caps of fish oil, and 3 FiberChoice tablets (I love cherry flavor).

Or instead of the protein bar, take 1 cup Greek yogurt (2% fat from Trader Joe's), mix in 1 TBSP of psyllium husk fiber (also from Trader Joe's) and take some raw vegetables with you (broccoli, carrots, whatever) OR frozen berries.

Actually, I prefer the above snack to just a protein bar.

It's not hard, man.