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Pre-made Food Services

Anybody hear in the USA use one? I suck at meal prepping. I hate meal prepping. My food taste like shit and it’s hard to cook.

Some of the options I’ve seen are either really expensive or very small. Looking for something in the middle. Also looking for something fitness related. Lots of protein!

Ideally I’d like to replace two meals a day with pre made meal prep stuff.

What are y’all using!?

I used “Muscle Meals 2 Go” for a month when I didn’t have access to being able to cook myself and they were great. The food was really good. The meals came out to $7/meal for the largest portion (muscle gains plan) with the added extra 3oz protein option if I remember correctly. The 24 meal option is $162 and I ended up getting 48 meals out of it.The meals were much larger than I had expected and I actually made 2 meals from each meal. The food itself was so damn good I miss it.

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Man that looks just about right! 24 meals was only $311. Only downside is I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be getting :joy: it says I have 2 days to order for the week. If nothing better gets suggested by tomorrow night I’m definitely gonna give this a go!

You literally pick each and every meal so you know exactly what you’re getting. Each meal is broken down completely so you know exact calories, carbs, protein, fat etc.

I must be doing something wrong. I chose “build muscle” pack, 24 meals, and my only option before paying for it is to select NO “ beef, chicken, Salomon, Turkey” and that’s it?

Chef’s Choice:

Meal 1: Garlic roasted chicken breast, ratatouille vegetables & napoli sauce
Meal 2: Sweet chili chicken breast, brown rice & seasonal vegetables
Meal 3: Shredded and braised bistro filet ropa vieja, saffron rice & black beans
Meal 4: Lean ground beef, napoli sauce, low-fat mozzarella/ricotta in classic lasagne
Meal 5: Shredded chicken breast, low-fat cheese & peppers in whole grain quesadillas
Meal 6: Hearty chili con carne over basmati rice

Signature Meals:

Meal 7: Salmon fillet, wild rice & green beans
Meal 8: Turkey burgers, sweet potato wedges & vegetable blend
Meal 9: Fajita seasoned chicken breast, basmati rice and black beans
Meal 10: Hand cut steak strips, basmati rice & sesame ginger broccoli
Meal 11: Homemade lean meatloaf, roasted garlic potatoes and green beans
Meal 12: Napoli meatballs & whole grain pasta

The menus shown are examples only and are subject t o possible change or variation.

Buy some chicken or beef bone broth from your grocery store. The chicken meals can come a little dry but a tad bit of bone broth totally fixes it.

Yea I SEE that too, but it literally lets me do nothing lol. I’ll call tomorrow if they are open maybe?

Yeah you’re right. It may be that after you order you do the selecting because there were something I didn’t want and others I wanted more of. The lasagna and those type of meals were so fucking good. Like incredible. I’m glad you posted this because I had forgotten all about the website. I’m going to place my own order too.

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Haha no problem man! Thanks for the heads up!

Missed the damn cut off time because I forgot lol so my food won’t be here till March 4th😢


Check out the Vertical Diet site. Pretty sure you can get food a lot sooner than March 4.

I’m assuming this is cooking and shit?

Google was zero help. Care to drop a link?


Ok I think I figured it out. I thought verticals diet was a fad thing but it’s stand efferding? I found his website. Prices look a lot better! I’ll sit down and figure out what’s what and order some from him too.

I ordered the minimum to get free shipping out of curiosity to see what it was like. I thought it was fairly tasty.

From the log Beyond the Pale in the O35 section, courtesy of @DaCharmingAlbino:
" trying out Stan efferding’s Vertical Diet meal prep product. Bought 2 weeks worth of dinners and had my first one last night.

Very tasty, very filling (1100 cals) and not a bad price compared to other products. Quick delivery and all meals were still frozen when I received them"

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Freshly looks alright but I haven’t tried it. $8 per meal if you get the 12 per week plan. That seems to be about as good as it gets. You’re paying for the convenience.

We have a local business that charges $10/meal. They have it at the supplement store and I bought one instead of eating out one day. It reminded me that chicken and rice with good condiments and seasoning go a long way.

My wife got a free week of Hello Fresh. We got three meals for two people. It typically costs $60 ($10/meal) and it was the ingredients and the recipe. She still had to prepare the meals. I’m not paying $10 to cook my own food.

Amen brother! Cooking is a skill and idc what people say it’s not easy or quick or simple. I’m over it. Knowing I’m eating like shit is also making me not feel like working out because I know how important diet is. I think this will help me out a ton

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I can cook in bulk and I do alright, but if it’s a decision between eating out or some of these meal prep sites then I say buy the meal prep.

@dextermorgan, I checked out Muscle Meals to Go and it’s $162 for 12 meals. That’s a bit higher than your experience of $7/meal. I selected 24 meals and it was $311.

Hey, check out Warriors Fuel Foods. It’s north of my town in Kansas but they ship nationwide. You can even pick foods by the pound and build your own meals.

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You can get a coupon online to make it cheaper but in reality it’s pretty cheap considering you do nothing but heat it up. One of their meals was two meals for me.

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