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Pre-Loading Syringes?

One of my friends keeps his gear at my house and shoots over here (wife would kill him if she found it). Anyway, he asked me if he could draw up all the shots from the bottle ahead of time so they would just be ready to use.

After pondering it for a minute, I had nothing to tell him. I have no clue if the stuff remains sterile for any length of time after being drawn into the needle. Logic says that the bottle is sterile, the syringes are sterile, so the finished product should be sterile too, I guess. Thoughts?

Anytime you withdraw fluid from a vial you will be introducing outside air to the vial’s inside and exposing your beans to potential bacterial contamination, this is why some people don’t use the mega-100ml or higher-sized bottles of gear that are available. I personally wouldn’t worry about it if the syringes are going to be used fairly quickly, like say twice a week for up to 12 weeks or so.

I’ve done a months worth without any problem. (8 pins).


Pre-loaded syringes are perfectly fine. Just make sure they do NOT come in contact with ANYTHING before you reshield them.

Users can preload a few weeks worth with no troubles. It’s a helpful practice when travelling.