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Pre-Loading and Pin Sterility Issues


I've searched around and can't find exactly my answer.

I'm thinking of pre-loading 4-5 syringes for my ED injections. I just want to save some time in the morning before going to work. I've aspirated the gear and immediately put the cap back on. No change of needle. I know it's going to be slightly dull. It's no bother for me.

I would like to know the likelyhood of a contamination risk should I just uncap and inject.

My feeling would be that it is quite close to non-existent.

I know new pins would be ideal. Call me lazy, I just don't care to repeat the hassle of asking at the pharmacy for a bag of pins.


Contamination wont be an issue as long as you're clean.

Injecting takes me less than 3 minutes though, it's not really a difficult process that I don't have time for.


Take one syringe and use it to fill up the other 5. Backfill them. That way the needle doesn't get exposed to air for even a short while (which wouldn't be much of a risk anyway IMO) and the needle wont get dull.


ah... good tip Bonez, didn't think of that


Good advice.

An alternative idea is to use the same pin to load multiple syringes. This way you save needles and have all of your new syringes ready to go with fresh needles.

Your original idea is fine, as well, but the two above are a bit more elegant :wink:


Wait, so you went ahead and drew the oil out and just plan to recap them and use them later?

If that's the case, there is no issue at all with that. Exposing it to the air really isn't a big deal, especially when it's just for a few seconds.


What do you mean you 'aspirated' the gear? You don't aspirate gear.. that doesn't even mean anything.

I personally would prefer to load up a 5ml syringe and just switch the tip each morning.. but to each his own.

Contamination risk is higher than if you injected there and then, and it would also be lower if you did ANY of the alternatives given to you by bonez, cortes or myself.

But no, it isn't a BAD way to do it. Are there better alternatives? Clearly.


sorry wrong term.

I meant that I've put gear from the vial, into each syringe, then capped them.

by meaning 5ml syringe and switching the tip, do you mean that you re-use the same syringes, taking 1ml (for example) at a time, but you still change the needle?

Next run I'll use the tips you guys provided, that's for sure

'much appreciated