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Pre Labwork Question


Hey Guys,

I posted a few months back, I went to my Dr. and had just felt sick for months, I had previously been diagnosed with Depression and they wanted to give me anti-depressants, I resisted, but tried them.. they all made me a zombie, literally took me 2 1/2 hours to be awake enough in the morning to try and drive to work..

So I stopped them.. went back to Dr. after doing my own research and having had testicular torsion and a urologist previously telling me I was likely sterile and would have trouble having children (I was 25 when the urologist said this) I am now 37, had torsion and epidimitis a few more times but have also had a son since then too so guess he was wrong..heh..

Anyway, I tested, unsure my result, they called said it was low and prescribed Androgel. I have concerns with the Gel as I have a small child, and I do have close contact with my son, the lable reads like if he touches the area he could go into puberty at 3? plus I swim and swet like a pig.

I have not used the gel I had some other medical problems and decided since they where using Prednisone to treat my other issue to wait and let my body get back to it's normal prior to getting the full number of tests run as described in the sticky here. I have since went back to taking my vitamins and supplements, Protein, etc. I feel "better" but honestly, if this is the issue (Low T, etc) I have had it since 25 and I am 37 so this is likely my "better"

At Any rate, should I stop my protein, etc prior to getting tests? if so how long?

My supplements, etc are

Optimum Nutrition gold Standard
2 scoops with oatmeal for Breakfast (~48g Protein 10gBCAA, etc)
1 Scoop about 4 hours later (~24g protein, 5.5G BCAA
2 Scoops at Lunch (48G protein, 10gBCAA)
2 Scoops in the evening (With Milk) (~54g protein 10gBCAA)

I also take a multivitamin 2 pills 1x a day(morning)
1.5g Vitamin c spread out at 500mg doses
Fishoil with every meal
Vitamin B-150 Complex 1xday
Greentea Extract 750mg 1xday

Should I stop all of this? if not what should I stop? and how long prior to going in for the bloodwork?


No need to stop protein, it doesn’t show up in your tests…

If you are testing for Vitamins (B12, D, C, etc.) I would stop those about 3-4 days prior to the test. Especially Vitamin B complex as this seems to interfere with tests the most, D the least, and not sure about C. Stop the multi as well for a few days, its not gonna kill you.

No need to stop fish oil.

Only stop green tea extract 24 hours prior to the test probably if you are getting cortisol. Otherwise I don’t see any issues


Post what tests you are getting as well. Make sure you also post the ACTUAL RESULTS and not just “its fine” - often results can be “in range” and represent troubling signs.