Pre/Intra/Post Workout Nutrition

Im also an evening trainer. So by the time im training ive consumed 90% of my daily food, so i dont feel the need to do anything specific pre as any fuel needed is already in there. Last real meal of the day is 5.30 ish then train at 7.30, if i feel a little hungry before the session i will eat something to just take the empty stomach feeling away but its not for “fuel”.

During is water, i have used carb powders in the past but dont make a difference in energy levels for me.

Post training i always get 30g of protien and 100g + of quick carbs in.


Caloircally dense is what I’m aiming for in that situation, since it’s a period of time where I’m gaining. I keep carbs low at all times, employing something akin to Jon Andersen’s “Deep Water” approach to nutrition, so the macronutrient I tend to manipulate the most is dietary fats. My blood lipids are interesting, with my HDL hanging out in the high 80s to mid 90s and my LDL appears to be sensitive to saturated fat intake, so I aim for mostly mono and poly unsatruated fats, which I get through nuts, nut butters, seedbutters and avocados. I DO eat grassfed beef, some grassfed diary, and pasture raised whole eggs to get in some quality saturated fats ala John Meadows Mountain Dog approach, but I still limit intake there and primarily manipulate the plantbased sources.

When it’s time to stop gaining or lean out, I just reduce my intake of those sources, while keeping my protein stable.

I’ve never cared to have fluids in me while training. I don’t enjoy the feeling of it sloshing in my stomach. I’ve run 2 half marathons and a few 10 mile races without water as well. I also grew up in the whole “water makes you weak” generation, haha.

All that said, I AM excited to try out my Surge after my upcoming strongman competition. Since it’s billed as such a potent muscle developer, I’m holding off on it for now. I’m currently 3lbs underweight for my weight class, which is a great place to be, and I’d hate to put it back on so close to competition. But once Jul rolls around, it’s game on.


I am constantly reading your diary, as well as many of your opinions in the forum, and with all my responsibility and seriousness I can say that you are an encyclopedia of nutrition and exercise.
By the way, let me ask you what I found interesting, and I haven’t seen in your diary: what time do you go to bed after getting up so early in the morning. It’s not even in the morning, but a little over 3 o’clock after midnight.

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Hey thanks man: I appreciate that.

I get to sleep around 2200 on most nights


Sleep is for the weak. LOL

Sleep a little faster… :sweat_smile:


I can’t wait to be weak! But my kid is only going to be this age for so long, so I’m going to spend my time with them and sleep less,


This is pretty much the same reason I train when mine are about ready for bed. And nobody really needs more than 5-6 hrs anyway.


The first time I heard that saying was at a summer wrestling camp at the University of Oklahoma, and the 5 day campers had just gone home, so it was just us 10 day campers left until the next 5 dayers came along. We were the “hardcore” group. It was over 100 degrees in the campus’ indoor track facility which had no A/C and former All-American Tyrone Lewis was running practice. He put together the most brutal practice of hard drilling, live wrestling, and sprints. We were all dying, but when a few guys went to try to get water, he blocked the Gatorade bottles filled with water and yelled that phrase. I think that drive for “earning” the water at the end of practice is what got us through practice with 1000% effort. Anything less than the most bust ass effort wouldn’t have ended practice, and I believe the practice would still be going to this day if we didn’t give satisfactory effort.

So that phrase still sticks with me to this day, more for what it represents about hard work than what it literally means. As for actual water, I drink a gallon of water a day and don’t take it for granted!


What time with the kids? Is that weekly or daily? :rofl:

I just want to urge all my bros to be careful about getting too thirsty in the heat.

Back in the “water makes you weak” days around the turn of the century, a bunch of young dudes would die every year from dehydration and heat stroke.

Now we’ve had 25 years of global warming and people’s hearts are all jacked up from covid, so shit is worse.


Try monthly.

I’ve tried a few intra workout drinks and never noticed anything from them other than feeling like I’ve got too much liquid in my stomach.. .

I’m an advocate for intra workout nutrition. When I started powerlifting I used to order HBCD in bulk and it was terrible and then I discovered Plazma and fell in love with it. I think it makes a huge difference in my workouts for both strength and overall energy.

It really depends on the person and I understand that it can feel like a lot of liquid rolling around in the stomach. I’ve never had that issue and seems to digest very well and almost immediately. I generally eat meals every 2-3 hours in the day… Or else I get grouchy!

I love my Plazma but I just ordered some Surge and I’m going to try to switch. I do a lot of mountain biking and it sounds like the Surge will be perfect for that as well.

I believe post workout nutrition timing is important for people who don’t use an intra workout supplement (depending on what their nutrition plan looks like of course) but I personally don’t do anything fancy. I get around to having a protein shake eventually but I usually get distracted with something and have to remind myself :joy:

Pre-workout: Spike, Brain Candy or coffee

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I’ve used Plazma for years for my intra workout nutrition. I feel like it has made a huge difference, especially when I was doing my 2+ hour powerlifting workouts years ago. I’m hoping all the hype with Surge isn’t a precursor to Biotest scrapping Plazma. Post workout is usually just dinner within an hour or two. If it will be closer to two hours than an hour, sometimes I’ll have a protein shake.

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I like it. I consume ridiculous amounts of greek yogurt too. And yeah I think I agree the post workout nutrition may be the most important. But I definitely notice a difference when I have a pre/intra workout drink on my harder training sessions. But a ton of real high quality food for dinner and a solid night’s sleep are what’s most important for sure.

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Appreciate you chiming in Bronwen!! I like pre/intra workout nutrition too and have posted about it on social media multiple times.

I’ve always loved taking carbs and salt before/during my workout and feel it makes a big difference. I’ve never had any digestion issues either.

I’ve actually never tried Plazma, but I’m a huge fan of surge! I was mixing all the individual supplements into my pre-workout drink and it was super time consuming, then I discovered surge and it literally has everything you need! It’s so good. Give it a try!

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Intraworkout I have basically homemade Gatorade - which is merely water, electrolyte/salt packet and 4oz of 100% cherry juice or orange juice. I usually use cherry because I like the taste better. Post workout I am absolutely starving so I definitely don’t think it is overrated. Proper post workout fuel can make or break the rest of my day. Love your IG posts by the way, you seem so pissed off all the time in the best possible way, :joy::joy:. I wonder what it would like to see you laugh or smile.

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Pre: shot of espresso (to avoid too much liquid), one teaspoon sugar, one date. If I feel like I am crashing intra workout, I will have another date. Protein shake immediately after the workout is over. After showering am absolutely starving and some carb replenishment helps - usually a slice of toast and some peanut butter. Would actually love your input on this since I have only recently started doing this but have adapted it based on how I feel.


It really depends on when I train. If I train a few hours after waking up or later I really like having a cup of orange juice and scoop of whey before training. I’ve always thought post workout supplements were a waste of money if some meals were eaten beforehand and afterwards, plus with a pre-workout carb/protein “boost” it’s never seemed needed and effected my actual meals.
I’ve been training first thing in the morning and found any food effected me with heavy lifts- so I suffered for awhile and adapted to training fasted with 1/8 tsp lite salt & 1/8 tsp regular salt with water and nothing else. After several weeks I wouldn’t experience any crash or lack of performance or drive. Doing this, I’ve found post workout quickly digesting carbs and protein- O.J. and whey as a base with powdered/blended oats and other things added make a huge difference and can still crush a meal shortly after.
Most recently I’ve been trying Surge (quick carbs, electrolytes, and leucine, etc) and been absolutely loving having it before and during my training. Post workout still matters more than later day training in my eyes and stomach, but a little less than training fasted so it’s usually a easy to digest meal with juice and Whey to bump the macros.