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Pre Injury vs Post injury


I am doing a vice versa of what every one here is for. Basically i got injured in multiple places and so had to quit the gym for a while.

I have been weight lifting for 4 years total. Suffered a debilitating tendinosis in multiple tendons, snapping triceps in left elbow and possible hip impingement on my left side currently being diagnosed.

I was forced to stop lifting weights for about 10 months now for the upper body and about a 3-4 months for the lower body. Occasionally i would do some weights but really really light. I would basically stand in line with the girl to snatch those 15lbs dumbbells of the rack. Haven't been in the gym now for three weeks. I swim and do some rehab exercises instead. I have shrunk by 20 pounds from 180 down to 160 and then gained couple of pounds of fat up to 164lbs currently. All my gains were natural something that i am now regretting because if i wasn't so stupid i would have ran a cycle or two of peptides like GHRP, IGF or PEG MGF to help me with recovery when i got first symptoms of the injuries.

And by the way if anyone asks what did i to fuck myself up like i did. Two answers, being a Steel worker and 5x5 strength training. You want to have a long lived relationship with your gym then stay away from that evil combination of doing a hard manual labor for a living and hitting the weights. At least if you have small joints and thin bones like i do.

Before injury

Now After loosing all gains


sometimes life sucks